Motherapp Invited by General Assembly to Share on User Experience Career Talk
General Assembly held an industry career talk on “Career Fast Track: Opportunities in UX” on 29 June 2016. Wendy Tam, our[...]

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Motherapp Success Story featured at HKSAR Chief Executive Annual Reception
Motherapp's success story featured by InvestHK, together with other foreign companies' achievements, were acknowledged in the[...]

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Motherapp Shared at Apple Workshop on User Experience Design
Our UX team spoke at Apple’s In-House Application Workshop on “Why UX could be your IT team's best friend?” on 6 May 2016[...]

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InvestHK Features Motherapp’s Success Story
InvestHK, the government body for promoting Hong Kong, acknowledges Motherapp’s achievements and features our success in[...]

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Motherapp Develops Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
Transforming Hong Kong Retail With Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Ken Law, our Founder and CEO, was invited by GS1 to share[...]

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Premier HR Apps for Hong Kong Businesses
Mobilising your company can provide many opportunities for expansion and financial growth, whilst streamlining productivity.[...]

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Interactive Staff Learning Apps
Conventional staff mentoring and learning processes have become outdated and tedious over the years, costing companies more[...]

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Management Apps to Improve Work Efficiency
The age of digital technology has inspired new methods in the approach that managers take when going about their daily[...]

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Customise Your own CRM Dashboard Applications
Providing a single, universal space to navigate a company’s operational functions, find relevant data and communicate between[...]

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Management Dashboard Apps Designed for Performance
High demand jobs require a lot of skill when it comes to multitasking, delegating and prioritising duties in relation to their[...]

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