Hong Kong Government’s first smart city project deployment

Hong Kong Government’s first smart city project deployment


The case study video of Motherapp’s Smart City project done in conjunction with the Hong Kong SAR government is now live!

The project was done in 2016, which is the HK Government’s first ever smart city themed project deployment.

With the Hong Kong government injecting more budget in and paying more attention on the local IT sector, Smart City projects are projected to lead the path forwards in the technnovation arena.

Numerous Smart City projects has been delivered by Motherapp, together with several departments of the Hong Kong Government.

Motherapp is a close partner for these projects with our smart city technology and capabilities. Using AI video analytics, internet of things(IoT), and deep-learning, we are able to provide accurate crowd management data in real-time, which has enormous potential when employed in operational settings or areas with large amounts of crowd.

Click on the video below to view the project recap, or here to learn more about the project.

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