Making cities safer and better places to live

Government officials around the world are harnessing the power of mobile applications, connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices, AI video analytics, real-time monitoring, and big data for smart city initiatives.

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We develop smart city applications with human recognition capabilities. Our smart city solutions also help Hong Kong government to achieve smart governance by applying human behaviour recognition for artificial intelligence and data driven city management.

Our smart city mobile app is capable of people counting, real-time monitoring, traffic control and crowd management.

We implement smart city mobile application for management staff to achieve smart building and smart property management by real-time monitoring and real-time analyzing lift (Smart Lift) or elevator (Smart Elevator) usage , car park vacancy (Smart Car Park) and for accident detention purposes.

To further capitalize on the benefit of Smart Building in Hong Kong, our smart city mobile app developed by our project team helps buildings and utilities owners to save energy and maximize efficiency by clearly identify the peak and low hours.

Our smart city app development targets to help government and companies in Hong Kong to identify root cause for problems and key factors for improvement.

Our smart city apps utilize video analytics and other technologies such as 5G mobile network, WiFi, bluetooth beacons, weather data and other 3rd party database to strengthen the prediction capability of our smart city apps.

We are a smart city company that utilizes existing CCTV with our proprietary artificial intelligence video analytics solution for CCTV analysis , detection and prediction of abnormal activities.

Smart initiatives can improve efficiency, enhance customer experience and open new opportunities for growth. In a smart city, the city officials can enhance the efficiency of city operations, and increase the well-being and welfare of its citizens with the enabling power of technology. Problems are identified and solved faster. Spaces become more friendly and livable.

Motherapp helps forward-thinking city administrators design, develop and implement successful smart city upgrades.

These are just some of the many practical real world applications:

Traffic control and accident detection

Crowd control

Crime detection and deterrent

Pest control

Vehicle parking systems

Infrastructure health monitoring

Waste management

Energy and Facility Management

Predictive maintenance

Our uniquely careful approach to developing the smart city in Hong Kong

Smart city applications are currently generating a lot of hype. There’s a risk of applying technology for technology’s sake.

Will your smart city idea really add value? Motherapp help you understand the business case for digital – and what can and can’t be achieved. Our technical expertise, smart city experience and caring approach will allow you to implement practical effective solutions that address citizens’ everyday pain points.

Powerarena real-time monitoring for smart city smart factory

A careful approach to developing the smart city

We can provide everything your team needs for smart city application development.

Or let the experienced, knowledgeable Motherapp team help.

Smart city

PowerArena – our complete, award-winning smart city application

With our PowerArena solution, you and your team can start building smart applications right away.

PowerArena includes everything. From analysing video and IoT data, to delivering real-time understanding of what’s going on in the physical world. PowerArena manages high data volumes and intense computation, and makes data actionable through dashboard and mobile solutions.

We have already helped government, event organizers, tourist attractions and private companies better manage their sites and operations. We’re ready to help you too.

Contact Motherapp to learn more about PowerArena and our customized smart city solutions

Customized end-to-end project development

First we obtain a clear understanding of your business and your environment.

Then we identify how a smarter environment and operations can address your challenges and open new opportunities.

We then apply our proven caring approach to bring the right hardware, software and training to your team.

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