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Omni-channel Luxury Retail Success | Lane Crawford - Motherapp
Omni-channel Luxury Retail Success | Lane Crawford

Case study:
Omni-channel Luxury Retail Success | Lane Crawford

A Greater China Luxury Retailer

Lane Crawford’s eCommerce mobile App – Omni-channel Retail Excellence


STEP 1. Background

Luxury Retail Omni-channel Strategy

A luxury retail company with specialty stores selling designer label luxury goods in Hong Kong and China, the client, Lane Crawford, is one of the largest departmental stores in Hong Kong.

With the launch of its digital flagship in 2011, the client became the first omni-channel luxury retailer in Hong Kong and in Greater China, continuing to enhance its range of specialised services online that echo the actual physical retail experience. This luxury retail omni-channel strategy includes eCommerce mobile app for online retail and customer engagement.


STEP 2. Business Challenge

Luxury Retail Omni-channel Strategy

As a luxury digital retail leader, the client wanted to replicate the in-store experience online in their eCommerce website and app, and make it simpler for members and users alike to search for what they want while shopping online. Due to fast changing user preference, it should also be relatively simple to make changes on the eCommerce app.

To cater to the different needs of the market, they wanted to create an online shopping experience that is tailored and personalised to each individual, so that the eCommerce mobile app will be useful to each one.


STEP 3. The Solution

Luxury Retail Omni-channel Strategy

  • Our user experience (UX) consulting services was employed, where we set out to understand from the user’s point of view, what improvements they look for in the new online shopping platform, and what they expect to see on the mobile app. Stakeholder interviews were also conducted with the internal staff, management and shoppers alike.
  • With the data collected from user interviews, we tailored the app to suit the needs and wants of the audience for a mobile retail and customer engagement solution that is truly made for them. These user feedback were also ranked in importance to allow our retail app development project team better clarity to prioritise accordingly with our scrum project methodology in this luxury retail omni-channel strategy project.


STEP 4. The Results

Luxury Retail Omni-channel Strategy

  • On- time delivery due to scrum methodology implemented by our eCommerce app development team.
  • The flexibility of API deployment and adaptations has led to increased opportunities for the client to do multi cross-industry partnerships.
  • The mobile solutions are loved by customers and it is contributing major online retail revenue growth to the client.


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