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Membership - Motherapp

CRM and Loyalty Platform: Your Comprehensive O2O Solution

Our CRM and loyalty platform let you take control of your brand and revolutionize customer experiences with an unparalleled fusion of online and offline channels. Seamlessly acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and customize your approach to meet any demand with our scalable and extendable platform.


Seamless O2O Customer Experience

Unify your customer’s journey with the Motherapp Loyalty Platform, your key to a seamless Online-to-Offline (O2O) experience. Our Loyalty and Membership System synchronizes points, rewards, and customer profiles across your digital membership app and physical stores, ensuring a consistent brand experience. Our unique platform integrates with Frontline Staff Operations, enhancing their experience while enabling an effective loyalty points earn and burn mechanism.

Personalized Engagement via Owned App Channel

Harness the power of an “owned channel” with Motherapp's Digital Loyalty Mobile App or website. Gain a dedicated platform for interaction, collecting valuable data-driven insights into customer behavior. Deepen your understanding of your customers, enabling personalized promotions, loyalty campaigns, rewards & vouchers. Enhance interaction and engagement with your customers through this exclusively yours channel.

User-Friendly CRM for Marketers

Take control of your loyalty program with the Motherapp all-in-one real-time CRM system, complete with a loyalty engine. Gain flexibility in managing loyalty point rules, coupon inventories, and multi-tier membership profiles. The ease of setup, insightful analytics, and dashboards simplify the management of loyalty programs. Turn insights into action, understand your customers better, and deliver tailored experiences.

Customizable Platform for Business Needs

Motherapp’s platform is not just robust but highly customizable, catering to the specific needs of brands. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems like accounting, property management, booking solutions, or parking systems, it adapts to your business flow. If the canned solutions aren’t enough, we customize for you, be it in system integration or frontend UI. Our 100% white label solution ensures your needs are met, no matter how specific they may be.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points made "earn and burn" flexible for you.

Mission e-Stamp Card

Gamified e-stamps for engaging customer and make shopping fun and rewarding.

Digital Coupon

Promotional E-Coupon with no integration coupon redemption mechanism.

CRM Portal

Grow your business by analyzing customer interactions.

Personalized Offer

Craft personalized incentives and promotions based on individual customer behavior.

Multi Level Tiers

Support multi-tiered loyalty programs, offering different rewards and benefits for customers based on their level of engagement.

Frontline Staff App

Empower your staff with seamless clienteling and redemption.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with prebuilt plugins with your existing systems.

Loyalty Dashboard

Real-time insights and data on your loyalty program's performance.


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