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Carbon Wallet - Different Use of Loyalty Program - Motherapp
Carbon Wallet – Different Use of Loyalty Program

Case study:
Carbon Wallet – Different Use of Loyalty Program

Carbon Wallet - 忠誠計劃平台的另類應用

Carbon Wallet: Green Loyalty Program for Sustainable Rewards 忠誠計劃平台的另類應用


STEP 1. Background

Since global warming and other environmental problems are getting more severe, MTR has been taking an active role to put efforts into environmental protection. To encourage the general public to adopt a low carbon lifestyle, MTR planned to develop an application to motivate users to take different carbon reduction actions in their daily lives. The green loyalty application is expected to be a standalone application that includes green action tasks of different aspects such as recycling, green dining, reduction of the waste of plastic bottles, reduction of carbon dioxide, and so on.

Carbon Wallet Logo

STEP 2. Business Challenge

  • Development of a one-stop application: The mission of Carbon Wallet is to help users to develop a long-term green lifestyle via taking different green actions. However, there was no one-stop application that allows users to do more than just recycling plastic bottles. It would be challenging to centralize various green activities, tasks and rewards in just one application.
  • Difficulty of quantifying the efforts: Users will be frustrated if they do not know how much they have done for the environment. Without clear numbers to show the users how much carbon dioxide they have reduced, they are more likely to be demotivated and give up on developing a green lifestyle.
  • Reward Types: To develop a green lifestyle, it is important to pay more attention to the product choice in our daily lives. Hence, other than encouraging the public to take more green actions, the rewards are also the key of this loyalty program. If users are allowed to claim non eco-friendly products, the green actions finished by the users will be in vain.
  • Verification: The verification of users’ actions is another big challenge when it comes to an “activity to point” reward program. Unlike “spend to point” loyalty programs, users need to do more than just spending money to claim different rewards. There will easily be situations of point abuse or cheating. For instance, multiple pictures might be taken  for the same plastic bottle or the users may claim that they have recycled when they are far from the recycling points. Without careful design of the verification process, the system might misjudge the validity of the photos, leading to the problem of point abuse.
  • Tight Schedule: Normally, the time required for developing and launching an application would be approximately half a year. However, due to the tight timeline, the time limit for Carbon Wallet is shortened by 3 months, which would be a huge challenge for this project.


STEP 3. The Solution

  • Regular Challenges and Events: To redeem free green products, dining or activities offers, users need to take a picture whenever they are doing recycling work, dining in a green restaurant, or filling water. Carbon Wallet points (CW points) will be given to users if the photos uploaded are valid. With the aim of encouraging users to perform green actions regularly, the green challenges and events are designed for users to earn additional points. Take the Weekly Step Challenge as an example, the challenge requires users to walk more so as to earn 230 CW points. If the users accept the challenge, they will travel more on foot, and then the reliance on gasoline-fuelled vehicles will be lowered. Hopefully, the release of carbon dioxide will be lowered in the long term.
    Green Loyalty Carbon Wallet
  • Motivating Interface Design: On the home page of Carbon Wallet, the equivalencies of CW points transferred into reduced carbon dioxide are shown clearly on the top of the interface. Such a design generates a sense of satisfaction to the users, letting them know how much they have done for the environment. The improvement of users’ performance between weeks is also recorded, with extra rewards, users are more likely to be motivated to do better over weeks, and thereby to develop a long-term green lifestyle rather than just once or twice.
  • Green Loyalty Rewards: One of the ideas that Carbon Wallet would like to promote is “Green In, Green Out.” As an activity-based loyalty program, users are encouraged to take different green actions to claim CW points, which is considered as “green in”. As for “green out”, users may enjoy the organic and eco-friendly rewards provided by different reward partners such as WWF, Leisurely Veggie, Eco-Greenergy, and so on. Instead of commercial rewards, providing organic and eco-friendly rewards may help users to foster the habit of choosing organic products, having more vegan meals, so as to develop a green lifestyle and protect the environment.
  • Verification With GPS: For verification, users have to take a photo when they are doing recycling work in designated recycling spots. The GPS location technology will determine if the users were in the recycling spots when the photos were taken. The photos will also be checked manually to see if they meet the recycling requirements or not. No CW points will be given to users who submitted a fake or unqualified photo. Without the trouble of installing large recycling kiosks, using a photo-taking system to track down users’ activities made the process more convenient and cost-efficient.
  • Scrum Methodology: To handle the tight timeline, Motherapp adopted scrum methodology to increase the efficiency of the development process. Using the scrum methodology, the application development process of MotherApp is agile with a great level of flexibility. If there are any changes or updates required for the application, they can be finished quickly without starting over the project. Apart from that, with more than ten years of experience, MotherApp is skilled in composing UX design and developing loyalty programs. Aillia is designed to assist the loyalty program-building process. Different models, codings, and interfaces could be applied to the new application developing process, which is much more effective.
    Green Loyalty Carbon Wallet


STEP 4. The Results

  • Loved by Users: Apart from on-time delivery, the ratings and reviews are positive on Appstore. Carbon Wallet received 4.6 stars for average rating, which is positive and it proved that the users are satisfied with Carbon Wallet. An UX design approach allows us to develop the application from the perspective of users, their thoughts and convenience are considered during the designing process. One of the comments mentioned “The layout is nice and it is easy to spot major functions. Overall experience is good.”, meaning that the user experience of Carbon Wallet is nice.
  • Promotion of Organic Brands: By partnering with different organic restaurants or NGOs, Carbon Wallet acts as a medium for these organizations to promote their works and products. Once they are promoted, the users of Carbon Wallet will be more likely to visit and support them, leading to the revenue and awareness gain of these organic brands.
  • On Time Delivery: As mentioned, the time limit for the Carbon Wallet project is exceptionally short. It was quite challenging to launch an application in 3 months. Yet, with the help of Aillia, the flexibility and swiftness were enhanced during the developing stage, so that the application was able to launch on time.
  • Different Use of Loyalty Program: Carbon Wallet marked as a breakthrough of the loyalty program, proving that the model of loyalty schemes can be used in different aspects other than businesses. Apart from encouraging users to purchase, loyalty programs can also motivate people to develop positive habits, just like the case of Carbon Wallet.

Carbon Wallet


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第一步. 個案背景


Carbon Wallet Logo

第二步. 個案挑戰

  • 全面的一站式平台:Carbon Wallet 的使命是希望能透過各種綠色生活任務,鼓勵用戶養成長期的低碳生活方式。然而,本港並沒有相應的一站式綠色生活平台可以推動市民在生活中實踐更全面的環保生活,而非僅只於回收即棄膠樽而已。我們要將所有綠色生活任務結合起來,合併在一個應用程式裡,並維持用戶的活躍度,可以說是一項具挑戰性的工作。
  • 難以量化減碳量:對用戶而言,如果平台沒有提供足夠和明確的資料(如任務的減碳量),顯示出他們為環境所作出的貢獻,用戶可能會因為感受不到自己所作出的努力而失去動力,放棄維持綠色生活方式。
  • 獎賞類別:要發展綠色生活方式,我們在日常生活中更要注意對產品的選擇。因此,Carbon Wallet 應用程式除了要在日常生活中鼓勵市民多實踐環保外,我們同時要多留意獎賞計劃的獎勵選擇。如果我們為他們提供的都是非環保類的產品,那麼即使用戶在日常裡完成了各種綠色任務,都只是徒勞。
  • 積分驗證:Carbon Wallet 是一個通過完成某活動去領取特定積分的獎賞系統。當涉及到積分計算,便少不了要驗證用家是否真的完成了某項任務(如回收),而這驗證的過程亦是 Carbon Wallet 的另一大挑戰。與傳統以購物領取積分的獎賞系統不同,這種獎賞系統不需要用家花費金錢,但卻需要他們比到商店購物做得更多,才能領取到獎賞。因此,若驗證系統不夠完善,便很容易出現濫用或作弊以騙取積分的情況。就例如在回收任務中,用戶可以對同一個膠樽拍攝多張回收驗證照片,又或在指定回收點範圍以外聲稱他們已經進行回收。如果驗證過程沒有經過精心設計,那麼系統便可能會因誤判照片的有效性,導致了積分濫用問題。
  • 時間緊迫:在一般情況下,一個團隊大約需要大半年的時間去開發和推出一款全新的應用程式。但由於推出日期的逼近,我們只有約 3 個月的時間便要推出 Carbon Wallet 應用程式。有限的時間對我們來說也是一項相當大的挑戰。


第三步. 團隊方案

  • 恆常的環保活動和挑戰:為了換取免費的環保產品、素食餐廳優惠和生態活動體驗,用戶需要保持綠色生活。例如拍下照片記錄下在平日回收、到素食餐廳用餐或自備水壺到斟水點斟水等綠色生活習慣。如果這些照片是符合儲分要求的,我們將會給予該用戶與任務相應的 CW 積分 (CW 是 Carbon Wallet 的簡寫)。為了鼓勵用家養成恆常的綠色生活習慣,應用程式內的活動和挑戰都是為了推動用家實踐綠色生活而設計的。以「每週步行挑戰」為例,這個挑戰需要用家以步行更多來賺取 230 CW 積分。如果用家接受並開始挑戰,他們可能會在日常生活中更多以步行來代替乘搭汽車,減少對用家對以汽油/燃油驅動車輛的依賴。希望在不久以後,地球的二氧化碳排放量可以得以減少。

Green Loyalty Carbon Wallet

  • 具鼓勵性的介面設計:在 Carbon Wallet 應用程式的主頁,我們會將用家因完成減碳任務所賺取的 CW 積分和與其相對應的碳排放減少量顯示在介面的上方。這樣的設計能讓用家知道平日這些自己所完成的那些看似微不足道的環保任務對減碳的貢獻,從而產生自己的確有為環保出了一分力的滿足感。除此之外,應用程式還會為減碳量有進步的用戶獎勵額外 CW 積分,以獎勵及鼓勵用戶持續保持低碳生活,一週比一週進步。鼓勵用戶在往後的日子也可以持續和盡力實踐綠色生活,而非只是一時半刻的心血來潮。
  • 綠色獎賞:“Green In, Green Out.” — 是Carbon Wallet 想要推廣的生活態度,希望市民可以在生活中大小的事裡都多從環保角度出發。作為一個以完成活動去領取積分的獎賞平台,用戶需要通過完成各種綠色生活任務去賺取 CW 積分,從而做到 “Green In” 。至於 “Green Out”,用家能得到來自WWF、Leisurely Veggie、Eco-Greenergy等不同獎勵合作夥伴所提供的有機環保獎勵。之所以選擇向用家提供環保獎勵而非商品獎勵,是希望可以幫助他們在日常生活中養成綠色生活習慣。例如多選擇有機產品、食素等,活出低碳日常,保護環境。
  • GPS 定位技術結合驗證過程:至於要如何驗證,用戶需要到指定的回收站並拍下將要回收的物品作記錄。我們會利用 GPS 定位技術,辨別用家在拍照時是否身處在回收點附近,這些照片還會被隨機人工抽查,從而判斷是否給予用家相應的積分。如發現該照片屬作假或不合符得分資格,系統將不會派發 CW 積分予用戶。使用相片認證方式去驗證用戶是否有按照活動方式進行回收,能充份利用位處各區的回收站,避免了需要額外設立大型回收點的麻煩,省卻不少時間和成本。
  • Scrum 敏捷框架的應用:由於推出日期的逼近,我們應用了 Scrum 敏捷框架去開發 Carbon Wallet 應用程式,以提升開發程序的整體效率。在應用了 Scrum 敏捷框架的情況下,整個開發程序能變得更迅速和靈活。如果應用程式開發程序需要有任何改動或更新,我們亦可快速完成更改,無需要重新啟動項目。除此之外,我們 Motherapp 團隊擅長編寫用戶介面設計 (UX design) 和開發數碼忠誠顧客計劃 (Digital loyalty programme),在這方面擁有十年以上經驗。忠誠顧客計劃平台引擎 Aillia 便是為此特地開發,不同的應用程式設計、版本、編碼及介面都能透過 Aillia 引擎框架快速應用到新應用程式開發程序中,使整個開發程序變得更有效率。

Green Loyalty Carbon Wallet


第四步. 最終成果

  • 程式深受用戶喜愛:除了能在限期前成功開發和準時推出外,Carbon Wallet 應用程式亦在 App Store 應用程序商店裡收獲用家的正面評分和評論。Carbon Wallet 應用程式在 5 星評分中得到平均 4.6 星的評價,顯示了整體使用者對應用程式的滿意度。正是因爲應用了用戶介面設計 (UX design),使我們能使用更貼合使用者的角度去開發,考慮到他們的想法與使用時的便利性。我們從其中一個用家評價「(應用程式的)版面完善,用家可以容易找到各主要功能。整體用戶體驗佳。」(“The layout is nice and it is easy to spot major functions. Overall experience is good”) 可見,用家對我們在優化用戶介面上付出的努力的肯定。
  • 幫助其他環保組織推廣:通過與不同的有機餐廳及非政府組織合作,Carbon Wallet 成為了這些組織與目標顧客之間的媒介,協助他們推廣其環保工作和產品。Carbon Wallet 的用家可以在在換領獎賞的過程中發掘到更多自己未發現的環保產品商店、有機/素食餐廳和生態體驗活動,增加他們光顧這些機構的機會。從而這些機構的收入,以及大眾對環保組織以至環境保護的意識。
  • 準時完成:正如上面所提及,我們只有極短時間去開發 Carbon Wallet 應用程式,能在短短 3 個月內開發完成確實是一個挑戰。然而,在 Aillia 敏捷框架的協助下,增強了在開發階段的靈活性和敏捷性,使計劃最後能夠按時完成並啟動。
  • 忠誠計劃平台的另類應用:Carbon Wallet 應用程式是忠誠計劃概念在應用層面上的一大突破,它將商業中「顧客忠誠計劃」的概念應用到了非商業用途的平台上,證明了忠誠計劃概念可以用於商業以外的不同層面。忠誠計劃概念除了可以用作刺激消費外,還可以用作鼓勵用家建立健康生活習慣,Carbon Wallet 便是個好例子。

Carbon Wallet


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