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[Get Paid to Walk] Cultivate a healthy lifestyle while earning points - Eight local Wellness Lifestyle Apps - Motherapp

[Get Paid to Walk] Cultivate a healthy lifestyle while earning points – Eight local Wellness Lifestyle Apps


Cultivate a healthy lifestyle while earning points – Eight local Wellness Lifestyle Apps


Lately, a growing number of brands have committed to promoting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, which has spurred the development of wellness and green lifestyle apps. Entities like malls, insurance companies, and banks have also launched their own wellness lifestyle apps or incorporated wellness-related features into their existing applications.

Today, Motherapp is here with you to explore the eight popular mobile apps on the market, and see how wellness lifestyle and rewards can seamlessly come together.



Carbon Wallet

When discussing apps for green living, Carbon Wallet (CW) is certainly a standout mention. CW is a one-stop-shop environmental ecosystem that integrates green living habits into users’ daily routines. Users can earn CW points by completing tasks such as recycling, walking weekly, or using public transport. These points can be redeemed for green rewards provided by participating merchants. By connecting eco-friendly users and green businesses, CW fosters a local eco-friendly community and achieves synergy in promoting a healthy living attitude.

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NF Touch

“NF Touch,” a shopping app by Nan Fung Group, stands as the first of its kind in Hong Kong to meld spending with personal sustainable development within its membership scheme. Within the app, there are two types of points: NF Point for consumption-related activities, and NF Seeds for wellness and care tasks. NF Seeds can only be collected through practicing green and healthy daily routines. These seeds, once earned through task completion, can be contributed to charity, spreading care to vulnerable communities in society.

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Nike Run Club

Unlike the earlier mentioned apps that incorporate multiple features, Nike Run Club focuses exclusively on fitness. Users can begin their fitness routine directly within the app once they sync it with their phone’s health data. For instance, initiating a guided run (Guide Run) based on Nike’s recommended course progress, and their exercise data will be automatically logged in the smartphone’s database. As users cover certain distances, they earn corresponding milestone badges. The more they run, the more badges they collect, which motivates users to develop a consistent running habit.

Nike Run Club

Asia Miles by Cathay Pacific

In addition to traditional methods like purchasing flights or using partner credit cards, Cathay Asia Miles offers a unique way for members to earn miles through the Asia Miles app by syncing it with their smartphone’s health data. When users complete specific wellness tasks each day, they are rewarded with miles that are instantly added to their account. This method encourages a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously rewarding users with miles that can accumulate over time and be exchanged for various lifestyle rewards.

Asia Miles by Cathay Pacific, Wellness Lifestyle App

“Live Young” by BOC Insurance

BOC Insurance has launched the “Live Young” app, which incorporates algorithms to analyze health data from smartphones, such as hours of sleep, active calories burned, and step count. The app quantitatively estimates the “years of age reduced” after users complete wellness tasks. The points earned from completing these tasks can be redeemed for rewards like smartwatches or electronic vouchers from other partnering merchants. In an update released last June, the app also introduced a social feature, enabling users to track their and their friends’ age reduction achievements on a leaderboard, enhancing the wellness experience with a competitive and social twist.


AIA VITALITY incorporates a unique approach to health insurance by rewarding members for maintaining an active lifestyle. As members engage in healthier behaviors and advance to higher tiers of the AIA Vitality program, they unlock more exclusive offers and rewards. These include discounts on annual premiums, extra insurance coverage, reduced prices for health check-ups, and the option to use points to obtain wellness rewards from associated partners.

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Hang Seng Olive

Hang Seng Olive, launched by Hang Seng Bank in partnership with local medical groups, is a one-stop health platform. In addition to basic features like syncing smartphone health data, earning points through physical activities, and membership tiers, it also combines several advanced features. It enriches the user experience by offering multi-faceted health information, enabling wellness-related social challenges among friends, and including a seamless health management interface that connects directly to health partners’ booking systems. With Hang Seng Olive, users can easily manage their personal wellness by having a comprehensive overview of all their health-related quantitative data in one place.

Club Wellbeing

Club Wellbeing is a health and wellness application under HKT The Club. Similar to other wellness apps, users can connect their smartphone health data and earn points by achieving walking goals. As it is part of The Club, the points earned within the Club Wellbeing app are The Club points, which can be directly used to purchase various types of products on The Club’s online shopping platform.


What is causing the rise in the number of such wellness apps?


Growing Health Consciousness and Lifestyle Modifications

There is an increasing emphasis on health among Hongkongers, especially against the backdrop of a fast-paced urban lifestyle and work environment. Wellness apps provide an easy way for managing personal health, such as tracking physical activity and analyzing sleep quality. These tools help users quickly review and set visual goals, facilitating improvements in their health and quality of life.

Rising Environmental Awareness

With growing concerns about global climate change, public awareness of environmental conservation has increased. Apps that incorporate eco-friendly features such as carbon footprint calculations or recycling logs, motivate users to take concrete actions to reduce their personal and familial environmental impacts while earning rewards, achieving dual benefits.

Wellness Lifestyle App, Carbon Wallet

Market Needs and Commercial Prospects

Companies see the potential in drawing consumers through apps focused on healthy living. Such apps not only aid in fostering brand loyalty but also enable businesses to gather valuable data on consumer behaviors, which can be used to tailor products and services more effectively.


Benefits of Launching These App Features for Brands

When businesses launch wellness lifestyle apps, they not only respond to consumer needs but also create many positive impacts for the brand itself. Let’s summarize three main benefits here:

Enhanced Brand Image and Awareness

Launching such apps helps brands craft an image of social concern, responsibility, and innovation. As consumers increasingly value corporate social responsibility and environmental actions, these apps can demonstrate a company’s commitment to improving human wellness and protecting the environment. This not only enhances brand differentiation in the market but also strengthens consumer loyalty to the brand.

Collection of Valuable Consumer Data

Through these wellness lifestyle apps, companies can collect extensive user behavior data, which can be used to analyze their preferences, behavior patterns, and needs. Having these insights allows businesses to more accurately design marketing strategies and improve products to meet customer demands.

Enhanced Customer Interaction and Engagement

Wellness lifestyle apps typically contain various interactive components, including goal-setting, progress monitoring, and rewards systems. These features can significantly increase user engagement and interaction within the app. Ongoing engagement strengthens the bonds between the business and its customers, boosting user activity and retention. This improved customer experience can translate into higher satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty.


Previously, we discussed an article focusing on the ‘activity-to-point’ approach, illustrating through the four common features and characteristics of these apps how they improve upon existing ways of engagement. These features not only promote the development of positive habits but also increase user activity and retention. Help brands to gather more behavioral data and understand the market. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to read more here: Loyalty trend: activity-to-point loyalty application


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