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【CRM Trends】Doing Good with Points: Members Point Donation - Motherapp

【CRM Trends】Doing Good with Points: Members Point Donation


Point Donation: Doing Good with Membership Points


Recently, we’ve noticed a feature common to several membership apps in the city – Point Donation. This trend not only reflects the growing attention of corporate social responsibility (CSR), but also shows that brands are exploring new ways to forge deeper connections with customers.

Today, we’ll take a look at how this trend of point donations in actual membership plans can effectively boost customer loyalty.



Point Donation — The birth of a win-win-win situation

To boost loyalty and trust, brands are now tapping into the younger generation’s focus on the concept of ethical consumption. They are not only implementing CSR practices at the product level (including aspects like manufacturing or logistics), but also integrating this concept into their membership programs, leading to the advent of point donation.

Brands can cultivate a benevolent social image by offering this feature. When businesses lead the way in encouraging members to actively participate in charitable works, it elevates the customers’ positive perception and trust in the brand, which in turn, reinforces customer loyalty.

Point donation offers a straightforward and swift method for users who are undecided on how to utilize their points or wish to avoid wasting trivial point sums. This additional convenient reward redemption option allows them to contribute directly to charitable activities they care about, increasing their sense of participation and keeping them active within the app.

At the same time, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can also expand their exposure and increase fundraising channels through collaboration with businesses, achieving a triple win.

NF Seed

Besides directly donating a certain amount of points, there are also more visual ways to engage younger Gen Z consumers, such as sponsoring one nutritious lunch or donating a dose of vaccines for puppies, making the act of donating points more attractive. Loyalty programs are constantly evolving to meet the needs and characteristics of their user base.


Membership programs with charitable point donation elements



Encompassing many brands used daily like ParknShop, Watsons, and Fortress, MoneyBack is one of the largest loyalty programs in HK. The app offers a variety of ways to use points: members can redeem gifts; point donation; convert them into miles or gas station loyalty points, and more. There are numerous NGOs collaborating with MoneyBack, from the Community Chest, funds for youth development to athletes funds. Members can directly donate points to the organizations they care about, and there is no minimum limit to the amount of points they can donate – every little bit helps.

MoneyBack Point Donation



Taikoo+ is the latest shopping mall member app launched by Swire Properties. Swire’s target customers are mostly middle-class individuals who value environmental and civic responsibility education. With Taikoo+, users can donate 2500 points each time to selected cooperative organizations such as the YWCA, St. James’ Settlement, etc., supporting local organizations’ activities. The app aims to become an essential tool for users in Swire’s malls while also conveying its CSR message through a diverse option of rewards.

Taikoo+ Point Donation


Nan Fung Group’s NF touch

Embracing the Nan Fung Group’s concept of resilience city, NF Touch is HK’s first membership program that integrates consumption with personal sustainable development elements. The member app contains two types of points: NF Point and NF Seed.

  • Members earn NF Points upon registering their spending in malls, which can be redeemed for gifts or converted into spending credits.
  • Uniquely, the NF Seed program requires members to engage in green and healthy daily habits to collect points.

And only NF Seeds can be converted into kindness acts supporting local charities, truly embodying the spirit of “doing a good deed every day”.

NF touch Point Donation

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