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Secret To Success - Motherapp
The Power of Caring

The Power of Caring

Did you ever team up with a bunch of people and make something that turned out really great? Maybe something simple like a meal. Or more complex, like an art performance or business project.

What made it great? Care. The people involved cared about it. There is power in caring.

There is power in technology too. The power to make things better, to simplify things and help things to flourish.

But technology means change and change means uncertainty. This uncertainty prevents many people from benefiting from tech innovation.

Seeking certainty

After many years successfully developing technology projects, we believe that the secret to harnessing the uncertain power of technology is the certain power of care.

To develop great tech, find people who care. People who work carefully. Who care for each other like family, and who care for you and your project.

Care is Motherapp’s driving force. It’s a powerful force – all of humanity’s greatest achievements come from teams of talented people who care.

Finding joy in work

You’ll experience Motherapp care in our agile, flexible approach. In how we proactively identify and manage your project’s risks and rewards. How we make technology easy to understand, and the way we inform decisions with clarity and careful reasoning.

Best of all, we’ve discovered that caring, helpful, open relationships make our work more enjoyable as well as more effective. For us and for you.

Do you see the potential of technology, but are uncertain how to proceed? Talk to Motherapp people and experience our care for yourself.


Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider


World Summit Award 2018 Global Champion – Smart Settlements & Urbanization


Smart Tourism Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018


World Summit Award 2017 National Winner (China) – Smart Settlements & Urbanization


“Best Smart Hong Kong (Internet of Things Application)” at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017“


2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards – Innovation in Business Utility App


Hong Kong Business Awards Winner 2016


“Best Mobile App / Service for Enterprise” at GSMA’s Asia Mobile Award 2016