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Enterprise App Development Hong Kong | Motherapp
Our mission is to apply technology meaningfully

Our mission is to apply technology meaningfully

Motherapp was born in 2008, inspired by a belief in the positive power of technology. Our name reminds us of our role as the “mother of applications”. Applications meaning integrated software/hardware solutions.

In that sense we love our creations, take care of them and bring them up to do good in the world. We specialize in consumer and enterprise app development, as well as digital consulting.

Motherapp’s got your back

We know new technology can be scary. Our caring approach and expert consumer and enterprise app development bring innovation to people and organizations in a way that brings confidence, peace-of-mind, and success.

Our successful track record in enterprise app development demonstrates genuine leadership in applying proven and emerging technology to our projects.

One of our first app development initiatives was a community-built mobile app for TED Talks. Released long before the official app, we made it to simply help to spread great ideas.

In 2011 we were among the first to implement the design-driven agile process that is followed by most leading app developers today. In 2015 we implemented our Internet of Things (IoT) solution for Ocean Park, which paved the way for effective real-time crowd management.

The recognition we have won for our enterprise app development work includes the Asia Mobile Awards in Best Mobile App for Enterprise and Grand Champion in the Smart City category for the United Nation’s World Summit Awards.

Bringing mobile, AI and IoT together for you

In 2017 the Alpha Go artificial intelligence application beat the world’s best Go champion. This was a milestone year for AI, and Motherapp as we launched our data-driven solutions.

We believe IoT, mobile and AI will transform sectors and industries previously untouched by technology. Our smart environment applications make cities and factories more transparent and efficient.

Moreover, our smart consumer engagement applications make brand-customer interactions much more personal and relevant. We’re here to help you introduce exciting innovations to your organization.

A history
of success


Motherapp receives WSA Global Champion award

We win HKICT Smart Tourism award


We join the Stanford University StartX program

We start working with our first customer loyalty client

We win HKICT Best Smart Hong Kong award


PowerArena launched and Hong Kong Government becomes our first AI client

We win at the GSMA Asia Mobile Awards and Hong Kong Business Awards for enterprise app development work


We take care of our first IoT client Ocean Park – and still do


We have mobile consulting clients in 7 countries


We launch our UX (User Experience) Unit


HKTDC becomes our first consulting client, and we still work with them


We achieve recognition at the prestigious Hong Kong ICT Awards

Our first app, OpenRice, launches and enters Top 10 in HK App Store where it remains for many years

Our founding team builds a platform application that lets developers give birth to more consumer and enterprise app development projects – and launches Motherpp


The idea for our company is conceived by an original Google team member, Ken Law after seeing the potential of iPhone apps