Successful digital is about solving the right problem in the right way

Successful digital is about solving the right problem in the right way

Design is more than attractive user interfaces. It is about identifying the right problems and solving them with the right solutions. Motherapp has long championed usability, design thinking, UX (User eXperience) and UI (User Interface). The result is digital innovations that add real value.

UX design goes much deeper than creating something visually stunning. Without solving real problems for end-users, pretty graphics land nowhere. It is about being empathetic to users by understanding their pain points, and discovering opportunities with stakeholders that gives the greatest ROI.

We approach design as a well thought-out process that maximizes our capability to understand the problem and create optimal solutions. A typical process at Motherapp involves the following:

  • Stakeholder and end-user interviews
  • Project objectives and success benchmark definition
  • Creation of personas that summarises the jobs to be done
  • Identification and validation of high priority problems through opportunity score
  • Creation and validation of multiple concepts and prototypes with stakeholders and end users
  • Specify solutions through user stories with associated wireframes, acceptance criteria and visual proposals

Identify the right problems
We’re huge believers in solving the right problems and not simply jumping into solutions. Before we start to apply exciting new technology, we will first use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research to understand the high priority hindrances identified by your key stakeholders and end-users.

Validate the right solutions
When the right problems have been identified, the next step is to create several possible solutions through prototypes and validate them through feedback from real end-users. We want to create solutions that lay the foundation to the best possible user experience for all personas.

Align involved parties
A complex project will often require the participation of multiple internal and external stakeholders – sometimes with conflicting priorities. Our UX workshop brings together a co-creation process that requires all involved parties to put their heads together from start to end, aligning everyone’s interests in an open and collaborative manner.


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