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Software Development Services in HK - MotherApp
Create successful web, mobile, and IoT solutions through agile development

Create successful web, mobile, and IoT solutions through agile development

Software development is a complex task, especially in today’s fast changing environment. With multiple stakeholders whose priorities often run parallel to unpredictable market needs - traditional project development methods like the waterfall approach with its pre-fixed scope and unalterable nature are no longer applicable.

Increased transparency and a more fluid approach

Conversely, the agile project method to software development has helped us consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients by allowing room for flexibility. This has raised their project confidence, especially on large scale projects, by breaking it down into iterative and incremental cycles, giving space for continuous improvement on changing requirements.


Our clients are encouraged to provide valuable feedback at phases in between cycles. Software developed iteratively in this way can also be fluidly adapted in response to the changing realities of market needs – ensuring their long-term relevance.


Over 10 years of experience
Motherapp is a global software development pioneer, and has a decade of experience in app design and development. This, coupled with a strong history of award-winning client projects carried out with care – has helped us to provide and build on our fast responses to quick-changing factors in the internal and external environment today.


Reduce risks through transparency
Software projects take time – and with time comes uncertainty and risks. This is eliminated or highly reduced with agile development, where our clients are encouraged to be part of the collaborative process, increasing project transparency and hence, informed releases. Incremental builds also allow breathing space for adaptability and feedback with proportional follow-up at the right time by the right people to further reduce predicted risks.


Complete stack know-how
With over a decade of experience, our software engineers are well-versed in computing tools and are platform-neutral, which means that they are flexible in choosing and identifying the most appropriate tools for your intimate project needs. From front-end, back-end, to data and AI, we’ve got a full stack of toolbox and a team of dedicated engineers at your disposal.