Learning from data to make things better

You have business problems that have been bugging you for a long time. For example you want to increase your revenue by understanding your customer, discovering root problems in your operations, and understanding what can truly impact your revenue. The answers may lie in the data that you already have.


Unlock the potential of your data

You have more data than you think. Data from customers who click your websites and email. Data from customer transactions. Data in your loyalty program. Operations data in Excel and log files.

Now there are new ways to capture data, through cameras, IoT devices and other sensors. We help your business to increase revenue, minimise risk and improve productivity by unlocking the value of your data with:

  • Sophisticated customer segmentation
  • Revenue prediction
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Marketing campaign optimization
  • Operation lead time and downtime analysis
  • Root cause analysis on operational problems

Motherapp will show you how to make sense of your existing data streams. We’ll also help you acquire data from web, mobile, IoT devices and other touch points, consolidate them in big data systems, and create meaningful use through AI algorithms.



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