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Data science - Motherapp
Learning from data to make things better

Learning from data to make things better

Make sense of the problems that have been bugging you for a long time - you will realise that the answer may lie in the data that you already have. Identify root problems in your operations, and understand what truly impacts and affect your revenue and performance.

data science service for customer transactions, loyalty programs, user data analytics.

Unlock the potential of your data

You have more data than you think. Data from customers who click on the links on your website and send you emails. Data from customer transactions. Data in your loyalty program, or other operational data tucked away in Excel sheets and forgotten logbooks. Yet, these are often neglected due to the amount of effort it takes to collect, arrange, and analyse them for further use.

Besides the above, there are also new ways to capture data – through smart cameras, IoT devices, and other sensors. Using a mix of the above data sources and intuitive analysis through AI powered deep-learning algorithms, we can help you to increase revenue, minimise risk, and improve productivity through the following:

  • Sophisticated customer engagement
  • Revenue prediction
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Marketing campaign optimization
  • Operation lead time and downtime analysis
  • Root cause analysis on operational problems


Decisions supported by data
When your operational decisions are based on and backed by tangible data, you will naturally possess more confidence to roll out changes that you know will indeed make a difference. With a world of data already in your backyard, we will show you how to retrieve, compile, and analyse these data streams into actionable resources that can help you make informed decisions with lasting organisational impact.


Improved product offering
All launched products and services are naturally subjected to a roller-coaster market lifespan and routine demand. To keep up with changing market needs, gain a better and updated insight into what your customers actually want by studying the data that you already have, and more collected in real-time. Act upon these tangible insights to make relevant and practical adjustments that actually fit in with the right target market at the right time.


Reveal hidden gems
Uncover valuable data extracted in places you’ve previously deemed inaccessible, or a chore to collect or retrieve using human methods. From sensors in CCTV to bluetooth beacons, start to see your customers and operations in a whole new light. Lift the curtain on inaccessibility. Besides working with existing (hidden) data, discover completely new data streams with use of our AI-supported computer vision and sensor technologies.