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Maximize Loyalty with Tier-Based Membership

Maximize Loyalty with Tier-Based Membership


Loyalty: Tiered-based vs Flat Loyalty


Loyalty programs are an essential part of customer relationship management (CRM) for many businesses. They help increase customer retention and incentivize customers to make repeat purchases. However, the type of loyalty program a business chooses to implement can have a significant impact on its effectiveness. Two popular types of loyalty programs are tiered loyalty and flat loyalty programs. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of both types of programs in retaining customers.


From Bronze to Platinum: Why Tiered Loyalty Programs Drive Sales?

A tiered membership program offers customers different rewards and benefits based on their level of membership. Customers can move up the tiers by earning more points or making more purchases. Tiered loyalty programs aim to incentivize customers to make more purchases to move up to higher tiers and receive better rewards. Brands adopting tiered loyalty programs are usually affordable luxury brands such as Francfranc, they generate a sense of priority to their customers with exclusive services and products.

In Tier-based loyalty program, members in different levels will receive different privileges and rewards provided by the business.

Tiered loyalty programs have been shown to be effective in retaining customers. By offering different rewards and benefits at different tiers, customers are incentivized to make more purchases to move up to higher tiers. This not only increases the customer’s lifetime value but also creates a sense of exclusivity and prestige for customers in higher tiers. Additionally, tiered loyalty programs can help businesses identify their most loyal customers and tailor their marketing efforts to them. HKTV Mall is an example of using a tiered strategy in their loyalty platform and motivating customers with value-added service by providing them with shipping service.


The Power of Predictability: How Flat Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Lifetime Value?

A flat loyalty program offers the same rewards and benefits to all members. Customers do not have to earn points or move up tiers to receive better rewards. Flat loyalty programs aim to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases by offering consistent rewards and benefits. They are usually used by companies with relatively low-cost products such as Yuu, Moneyback, or fast food restaurant loyalty apps.

Flat loyalty provides a sense of identity and equality for members, Members will all be rewarded equality by business regardless on their spending amounts

Flat loyalty programs also have their benefits. By offering consistent rewards and benefits to all members, businesses can create a sense of fairness and transparency. Customers do not have to worry about meeting a certain threshold to receive better rewards, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and trust.


Additionally, flat loyalty programs are more simple and easier to use than tiered loyalty programs. Take Yuu as an example, the equivalent of loyalty point to cash is very easy to calculate (1 loyalty point = 1 dollar), so that the customers can easily understand the mechanism of the loyalty program. Companies do not have to spend extra resources on creating a complicated tiered loyalty program or educating their existing customers about how to use the loyalty program, it is more efficient if they have a wide base of customers and various sub-brands


Which is better for your business?

Ultimately, the effectiveness of tiered versus flat loyalty programs depends on the business and its customer base. Businesses with a wide range of customer demographics and purchasing behaviors may benefit from a flat loyalty program. On the other hand, businesses with a specific group of target audiences that share similar interests may find a tiered loyalty program more effective and easier to manage.


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Regardless of the type of program, a well-executed loyalty program can help increase customer retention and strengthen customer relationships. Ready to implement a loyalty program that fits your business? Contact Motherapp for a one-on-one consultation today!


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