Keep your customer conversations going with Aillia

Keep your customer conversations going with Aillia

It’s always exciting to gain new customers. But let’s not forget about your existing customers who can often be your most profitable. With customer acquisition costs rising, it’s time to handle your existing relationships with care.

Aillia is designed for the new generation of customers who demand more from their favourite brands. A flexible and extensible customer loyalty app platform that can be self-branded, and is highly customisable to your specific loyalty or membership program needs.

Create strong opportunities for customer retention and an effective barrier to competition with a branded environment that supports continuous (and highly relevant) engagement via segmentation, personalisation, learned behaviours, and automation.

Owned mobile space
It is more cost effective to build your own environment to follow-through and engage your customers on their journey with you, rather than using third-party platforms that comes with their own set of rules and restrictions. Mobile devices are intimate and direct to customer, giving you many opportunities to build a relationship under the umbrella of your own brand.

A complete O2O membership platform
Aillia brings you everything you need to run successful O2O loyalty campaigns: customer data acquisition and storage, loyalty points computation, enhanced customer segmentation, and so much more. Drive increased traffic to your physical stores through activating promotions that is actually relevant to your members.

From start to end, design your ideal customer experience guided by an easy step-by-step process supported by our team. Aillia and its set of unique functionalities is designed to be flexible to cater to different needs and requirements, and is readily adjustable to match with your unique booking systems, CRM and specific point rules. We are ready to adjust to your needs.


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