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Francfranc FUN! - Loyalty Program for Affordable Luxury - Motherapp
Francfranc FUN! – Loyalty Program for Affordable Luxury

Case study:
Francfranc FUN! – Loyalty Program for Affordable Luxury

Francfranc FUN! - 輕奢品牌的忠誠計劃平台

Discover the Benefits of Francfranc’s Tier-based Loyalty Program


STEP 1. Background

Francfranc is a Japanese furniture and homeware company with over 140 stores in Japan and Hong Kong. With its store decoration and furniture style, the brand locates itself as an affordable luxury brand targeting middle-class customers. To retain existing customers and motivate their purchases, Francfranc launched its first-ever tier-based loyalty program in Hong Kong. With our professional assistance, Francfranc launched its anticipated FrancFranc Fun loyalty program this year.



STEP 2. Business Challenge

Connections between the application and the POS system: since it is the first time for Francfranc to build up a loyalty program application, we need to put a great amount of effort into synchronizing and connecting different systems, such as the app, the POS system, and the database for current customers. We also need to make sure the existing offline loyalty program can be merged into the new loyalty program app. After the integration, the membership data should be consistent, synchronized, and without any loss.

Marketing personalization and automation: apart from recruiting new loyalty members, the main goal of Franfranc is to retain existing customers and enhance their loyalty level. To do so, it is not enough to just build up a standardized loyalty app. It is critical to let the members feel listened to and cared about in order to increase their sense of belonging. Therefore, the major challenge of Francfranc’s new loyalty program would be providing personalized content to every user effectively at the right moment. 

Brand positioning: as mentioned, Francfranc mainly provides affordable luxury homeware products to its target customers, who are middle-class customers. Their target audience usually cares about the image and the sense of priority. Therefore, to motivate their participation in the loyalty program, the loyalty program design and rules need to provide them with a sense of priority.


STEP 3. The Solution

Tier-based loyalty program

Seamless integration with Motherapp’s loyalty platform: With the pre-built plugin of Motherapp’s loyalty platform, the loyalty app by Motherapp can be connected to the existing system efficiently, ensuring the customer data can be restored to the app’s database, and accelerate the build-up of the loyalty program app. 

Acquire data with the CRM portal: Motherapp’s loyalty platform allows app owners to acquire customers’ behavioral data of customers, including browsing history, purchase records, shopping cart items, and so on. With these data, Francfranc can analyze its customers’ preferences and display relevant and personalized advertisements to each user. Also, the back-end system allows Francfranc to perform marketing automation, such as automatically sending out birthday greetings to members, reminding members of the items put in the shopping cart, and so on. All these marketing actions can be done with just a few simple settings. 

Tier-based loyalty program: To provide a sense of belonging and priority for the members, Francfranc divided their members into different levels, including Crystal Fun, Pearl Fun, Ruby Fun, and Diamond Fun. Loyalty members can upgrade their membership to a higher level by spending a certain amount in Francfranc stores. They used the name of jewelry to generate a sense of premium and a symbol of identity for users, making it classy to join the loyalty program. 

Apart from that, to retain their existing customers, current VIP members can register for the loyalty program with an automatic upgrade to Pearl Fun. By doing so, the existing members will feel listened to and cared about that even though there is an update, Francfranc did not forget to provide them the privilege they deserve.


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STEP 4. The Results

Well integration of platforms: We helped Francfranc to integrate their e-shop platform and their existing customers’ data, such as personal information, membership status, and historical behavioral data, into a centralized CRM system. With this, Francfranc can synchronize the users’ information on various platforms and ensure their customers can find out their membership status accurately. From a marketing perspective, syncing customers’ data can also help marketers to analyze customer trends on the whole.

Excellent app design for the target audience: As mentioned, the target audience group of Francfranc is the middle class, and their brand position is located at “affordable luxury”. Their target audience emphasizes the quality of the product and service. Even for a loyalty platform, they desire a user-friendly, well-designed, and smooth loyalty app. Different from the web-app loyalty program, Francfranc Fun is able to provide customers with a fast-loading, personalized, and premium shopping experience, which satisfies their requirements and enhances their brand loyalty. 

Short outcome lead time: Motherapp’s loyalty platform is a well-developed loyalty program engine with various pre-built plugins that provides you convenience in app development. With our expertise and experience, we helped Francfranc to develop Francfranc Fun with a short lead time, the loyalty engine saved us a lot of time on app interface design, loyalty program rules setup, as well as the system integration, making the project more efficient while ensuring the quality.

Francfranc FUN! – 輕奢品牌的忠誠計劃平台


第一步. 個案背景

Francfranc 是一家日式家具與家品品牌,在日本和香港擁有 140 多家分店。憑藉其門店裝潢和產品風格,公司將自己定位為輕奢品牌,主打中產階級客群。為了留住現有客戶並激發他們的購買熱情,Francfranc 決定在香港推出其有史以來首個顧客忠誠計劃。在我們的專業協助下,品牌在今年推出了其備受期待的 FrancFranc Fun 會員計劃。



第二步. 個案挑戰

新應用程式與原有POS系統的連接:由於這是 Francfranc 第一次建立顧客忠誠度應用程式,我們投入了大量精力來同步和連接新舊系統,例如應用程式、POS 系統和儲存現有會員數據的數據庫。我們還需要確保現有的線下會員計劃可以合併到全新的會員應用程式當中。整合後,所有會員資料應當一致、同步,並且過程沒有任何資料遺失。

個性化與自動化營銷:除了招募新會員,Franfranc 的主要目標是留住現有客戶並提高他們的忠誠度。要做到這一點,只建立一個常規的會員應用程式是不足夠的。為增加他們的歸屬感,讓會員感到被傾聽和關心是至關重要的。因此,新會員計劃的主要挑戰之一是:如何在適當的時候有效地為每位用戶提供個性化內容。

品牌定位:正如前面曾提到,Francfranc 主要為其目標客群提供輕奢家品。中產階級客群通常更為關心個人形象與優越感。因此,為了鼓勵他們積極參與計劃,計劃的設計和規則制訂都務求讓他們感到被優待。


第三步. 團隊方案

Tier-based loyalty program

與 Motherapp 的顧客忠誠度平台無縫接合:透過與 Motherapp 顧客忠誠度平台的預設外掛 (pre-built plugin) 連接,可以高效地整合品牌的現有系統,同時確保現有客戶資料可以恢復到應用程式的數據庫中,加速新應用程式的構建。

通過 CRM 面版獲取數據:Motherapp 的顧客忠誠度平台允許商家收集客戶的行為數據,包括瀏覽歷史、購買記錄、購物車清單等等。有了這些數據,Francfranc 可以分析其客戶的偏好,並向每個用戶展示相關的個性化廣告。此外,後台系統亦允許 Francfranc 進行自動化營銷,例如由系統自動向會員發送生日祝福、提醒會員遺留在購物車內的商品等。所有這些營銷操作只需幾個簡單的設定即可完成。

會員等級:為了讓會員更有歸屬感和優越感,Francfranc Fun 計劃分為不同會員等級,分別是 Crystal Fun、Pearl Fun、Ruby Fun 和 Diamond Fun。會員可以透過在門店消費滿一定金額來將會員資格升級。品牌用寶石來為等級命名,創造一種高級感和身份象徵,讓計劃給人一種別緻的感覺。

除此之外,為了留住現有客戶,門店 VIP 會員可以在程式中註冊並自動成為 Pearl Fun 等級。這樣可以讓現有會員感到被聆聽與被關心,即使會員計劃更新,Francfranc 亦沒有忘記為他們提供應得的會員權利。




第四步. 最終成果

平台整合良好:我們幫助Francfranc將他們的電子商店平臺和現有客戶數據(如個人資訊、會員狀態和歷史行為)整合到一個集中的 CRM 系統中。藉此,Francfranc 可以同步用戶在各個平台的資料,並確保客戶可以準確地找到自己的會員身份資訊。從營銷的角度來看,同步客戶數據還可以幫助營銷人員宏觀分析整體客戶趨勢。

為會員而設的應用程式設計:如前所述,Francfranc主打中產階級客群,定位其品牌為「輕奢」。他們的目標客群重視產品和服務的質量。就算只是會員計劃,他們也希望應用程式是容易上手、精心設計且使用流暢的。與 Web-app 不同,Francfranc Fun 能夠為客戶提供加載快、個人化和優越的購物體驗,滿足他們的需求並提高他們對品牌的忠誠度。

快速推出:Motherapp 的顧客忠誠度平台是一個成熟的顧客忠誠計劃平台引擎,帶有各種預置的外掛及插件,為你的程式開發提供便利。憑藉我們的專業知識和經驗,我們幫助Francfranc在短時間內開發 Francfranc Fun,平台引擎為我們在多方面節省了大量時間,包括應用程式界面設計、顧客忠誠計劃規則設置,以及系統整合等,使本次個案在開發流程中更有效率,同時亦能確保應用程式的質量。