How to make your loyalty program stand out from the others? 5 Key Success Factors of Customer Loyalty Program [如何使你的顧客忠誠計劃在眾多競爭對手中脫穎而出? – 顧客忠誠計劃的 5 大成功要素]


Among all the marketing strategies, the loyalty scheme is the most effective and successful one. Nowadays, almost every enterprise launched a loyalty program to retain its existing customers. What makes loyalty programs so successful and commonly used? Here are the five key success factors, let’s have a look.

1. Surprise Your Customers With Personalization

Personalized service is an important element of a successful loyalty program, which will bring your existing customers different surprises. With the help of big data, it is easy to mark down the consumer behaviors of members, such as purchase history, looked-up products, and rewards claimed. Big data analysis allows us to predict the preferences of the customers and provide them with the newest, most suitable, and highly related products. Providing exclusive offers, sending birthday newsletters and prizes are some of the examples of personalization that can impress your customers.

The offers and shopping information should be exclusive and matching with members’ habits and preferences, to ensure their customer journeys are unique and special. For example, some customers like cash rewards or discounts, and some may like experiential services. We may provide different offers to different customers according to their preferences.

While providing personalized offers or discounts to our members, we should show our emphasis on the uniqueness of their treatments. Since the offers of each customer are tailor-made, they will feel listened to and treated specially. By telling the customers “You are unique and special”, we may express our care and understanding to every customer. Not only can we retain the current customers, but their loyalties toward our brand will also be enhanced.

2.Simple and Clear Rewards System

Customers are alway busy and impatient. The easier the loyalty program, the more customers retained. When you are designing your loyalty scheme and events, it is better to simplify the goals, points collecting rules, and the rewards claiming process.

Take Yuu Rewards Club launched by Dairy Farm as a reference, the rewards claiming process of Yuu is clear and simple, which attracts a lot of busy users. All the rewards provided by Yuu can be found under the “Rewards” tab, the users may check out all the coupons or products provided by different brands at once. Once the rewards are claimed, users may show the QR codes to the staff members in physical stores and enjoy their rewards. Compared with traditional loyalty programs, Yuu allows users to spend their points for rewards with mobile phones, they may claim their rewards anytime anywhere because everything is paperless.

To develop such a convenient digitized loyalty platform, a combination of UX and UI designs is necessary. UX and UI designs allow us to perform platform improvement and maintenance, to enhance the usability, variability, and loading speed of the loyalty platform. A more user-friendly and complete loyalty program is important for customer retention.

Apart from businesses, loyalty platforms can be applied to different aspects. Click here to find out more about the case study of Carbon Wallet.

3.Reassuring and Transparent Points Handling

Customers expect loyalty points just like their savings in the bank, that they can inquire and spend the points anytime they want because they are one of the users’ private assets. Hence, as a merchant, we need to take care of theneeds of our customers by providing a transparent and reassuring point handling procedure.

It is important to make your customers trust your loyalty platform. Apart from simplifying the loyalty point system and making it transparent, members should be provided with the information they would like to find out. Let’s say the loyalty points acquisition history (including related transaction history/rewards claiming history, etc.), the balance of the remaining loyalty points, the equivalencies between loyalty points earned and cash spent, the expiry dates of loyalty points, and so on.

Therefore, the rewards claiming process needs to be simplified and transparent, customers should be able to spend their loyalty points regardless of when. If the procedure is too complicated: filling additional forms,waiting for approval, having a long approval time that takes a whole month to deliver the products… Think about it, if you have to do all these just to redeem a small offer or product, you will probably be reluctant to join the loyalty program. Rewards are the motivation for the customers to purchase more, especially the abundant ones. However, people will only step back if the redeem process is too complicated as they will find it meaningless to collect the points.

Transparent and simplified loyalty points handling make a loyal program trustworthy. With the use of technologies and digitized membership platforms, loyalty points may be accessible by the enterprise’s network, connecting the POS system in stores, online shops, and the members’ applications. Members may inquire about their loyalty point balance through different platforms seamlessly, and feel like they are the ones who have the power to manage the points. This is the reason why members would be reassured about a loyalty program.

4.Interactions Beyond Transactions

Interactions with customers are more than just transactions. With the use of technology and applications, games and events can be carried out to enhance the engagement of your members, to provide better shopping experiences.

Celebrating the establishment of over 1000 stores in Hong Kong, 7-Eleven launched a new in-store promotion campaign with the use of Web AR technology. After spending $20, customers may scan the QR code on the receipt and enter the game, they have to scan a specific logo somewhere in the store and look for an air balloon in the AR camera to claim the rewards. Apart from enhancing the engagement of customers, there are more advantages of organizing similar interactive campaigns for customers:

  • Boost transactions
  • Increase the staying time of the customers in stores, more chances for them to purchase.
  • Customers will visit the store again to use the coupons, the customer return rate will be increased.

The marketing team of 7-Eleven put in efforts to design this fun and interactive campaign. Apart from building up beyond-transaction relationships with the customers, their loyalty and sense of belonging towards the brand are also enhanced.

5.Multi-Brand Collaboration

Everything is starting to be digitized in this day and age, including businesses. Digitized loyalty programs broke through the limitations of traditional ones, such as limited opening hours, separate loyalty programs and POS, and so on. Apart from 24/7 opening hours, e-platforms allow us to create linkage between different brands and business partners and set up a one-stop platform for multi-brand loyalty program service.

Yuu Rewards Club is a good example of a multi-brand digitized loyalty program. Carried out by Dairy Farm, Yuu enjoys the benefit of group enterprise and a large customer base. The reward partners included different brands under Dairy Farm, from Wellcome to IKEA, the brands covered a lot of the daily needs of the customers. Some of the reward partners had their original loyalty program before, the majority of the original members will choose to become Yuu members instead of losing their current loyalty points. That is one of the reasons why Yuu Rewards Club application was downloaded by a lot of users and became one of the top few applications on the leaderboard.

Besides brands under Jardine group and Dairy Farm, Yuu Rewards Club even partnered with Hang Seng Enjoy card, Livi Bank, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Collaborating with different bands and enterprises to build up an ecosystem for loyal members, Yuu Rewards Club may also enjoy a strong customer base from its collaboration. For customers, a multi-brand one-stop application is more convenient than separate loyalty programs. They may manage their loyalty points, which can be used to redeem offers from different brands, in just one application. For the brand, other than the increase of cross-sales, customer loyalty and stickiness will also be increased, generating long-term values to the brand.

Click here for a deeper case study of Yuu Rewards Club.

After knowing the five success factors of loyalty programs, you sure are inspired and have a deeper understanding of the customer retention process. If you are thinking about or starting to develop or improve your loyalty program, please feel free to contact us anytime! We provide one-on-one business analysis and UX consultation services, to turn your ideas into a blueprint, and then turn the blueprint into a real application. Click here to view our loyalty AI engine Aillia!

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在眾多不同的市場營銷策略之中,忠誠計劃可以算是數一數二最有效及最成功的營銷策略。時至今天,基本上每個小商戶都會推出自家的顧客忠誠計劃以留住客戶。為什麼顧客忠誠計劃會這麼成功?被各地的商家廣泛應用?以下是顧客忠誠計劃的 5 大成功要素,一起來看看吧!







以牛奶公司的獎賞計劃 Yuu 作為例子,Yuu 的積分換領過程十分簡單明確,對於忙碌的都市人來說,如此簡單的換領過程正符合他們的需要。Yuu 的獎賞換領程序方便易懂,我們只需要進入其手機應用程式並在功能分類中選擇「獎賞」一欄,便可一次過在眾多品牌的優惠券或積分獎品中選擇及透過點擊換領獎賞。獎賞兌換即時生效,用家能立刻取得優惠券的二維碼並在結帳時使用,線上線下聯通。整個換領過程簡單易明,會員可隨時隨地透過自己的智能電話一鍵換領。有別於傳統獎賞換領程序,需要勞煩顧客到分店交易時才能進行,大大節省顧客和員工時間。

要實現到如此貼合會員真實需要的忠誠計劃平台,用戶體驗 (UX) 和介面 (UI) 設計的配合是不可或缺的。透過平台優化及維護,不斷改善忠誠計劃平台的豐富性、流暢性和易用性。有效利用科技,為會員提供更方便靈活、更貼合其真實需要,以及功能更全面的忠誠計劃平台,留住你的會員客戶。





除了要讓會員隨時查閱積分餘額外,也要確保他們能在需要時隨時使到用這些積分。如果獎賞換領程序過於複雜:又要會員額外填寫表格;又需時間審批;處理需時又長,真正收到獎賞時已經是一個月以後⋯⋯ 試想想,如果是這樣的獎賞計劃,相信我們自己也不會加入吧!獎賞是鼓勵會員多賺買的原動力,豐富的獎賞固然具吸引力,但過於複雜的換領程序卻會使人卻步。不只會減低會員的儲分意欲,更甚者因使用困難,而讓會員覺得儲分的意義不大,漸漸放棄使用儲分計劃。




是次 7-Eleven 便利店的慶祝 1000 間分店活動便是個好例子。便利店應用了 WEB AR(網絡虛擬實境)技術,只要在購物滿 20 元的收據上啟動進入活動的二維碼,顧客可以透過手機鏡頭在店內尋找和對準虛擬實境中的指定圖案,「即玩即中獎」。這次活動新奇有趣,除了能提升顧客參與感和新鮮感外,還有以下好處:

  • 顧客需要親身前往分店購物才能取得遊玩機會,促進消費。
  • 遊玩過程中會增加客人在分店的逗留時間,增加客人購買的機會。
  • 中獎所獲得的優惠券促使客人往後到便利店消費,增加回購消費。

一石多鳥,可見這次慶祝活動的構思費盡了多少 7-Eleven 市場營銷員工的心血。透過這些具互動性和趣味性的活動和優惠,保持忠誠計劃的新鮮感和活力,留住你的忠實客戶們。與顧客建立超越交易以外的聯繫,提升會員的對公司的參與感與歸屬感。


世界正逐步向數碼化邁進,商業世界當然也不能例外。數碼化顧客忠誠計劃的好處是,它能克服傳統商業在現實世界的所受到的限制:如受門市的開放時間所限、顧客需親身前往門市、不同品牌使用各自的會員系統⋯⋯ 而這些限制在現時都能透過科技和網絡得到改善。透過數碼化,我們除了能全天候 24 小時為用戶提供購物和其他會員服務外,更能聯繫和連結其他合作夥伴和他們的平台,為用戶提供更方便的跨平台體驗。

再以 Yuu 為例,它正是一個多重跨平台合作的忠誠計劃例子。Yuu 作為牛奶公司集團新推出的積分應用程式,推出之前已獨具先天優勢,讓它能夠在眾多儲分應用程式中脫穎而出。yuu 計劃一次集合了多個怡和集團及牛奶公司旗下,市民日常生活中很常用到的品牌,例如惠康超市、宜家傢俬、餐飲品牌必勝客、肯德基、美心集團等。假如你是這些品牌現有的會員,為了不浪費掉以前儲下的積分,相信不少人都會選擇轉到 yuu 這個新計劃,促使了 yuu 在推出後便迅速登上各應用程式商店的排行榜。

除了怡和集團及牛奶公司旗下的品牌外,Yuu 計劃還集合了恆生銀行 enjoy 卡、虛擬銀行 Livi Bank 以至文華東方酒店集團等。

跨集團品牌的整合聯動了多個不同企業的品牌,建立了一個多品牌儲分網絡 (Eco-system),為 yuu 計劃帶來強大的顧客基礎。對用家而言,Yuu 已不再單純只是牛奶公司旗下的儲分計劃,而是一個聯動了多品牌、全面的會員平台網絡。除了能減少他們需下戴的應用程式數量,同時方便他們整合積分和換領不同品牌的優惠。對品牌而言,跨品牌的整合聯動了多個品牌,有助品牌間進行交叉營銷和促進交叉銷售。全面的會員平台亦有助提升顧客粘性和會員忠誠度,留住客戶。

如果你想了解更多關於 Yuu 計劃的成功經驗分析,請按此

參考上述的五大成功要素,相信你現在應該對一個成功的顧客忠誠計劃有更深入的了解和想法。如果你現在正在思考該如何優化和改善現有的顧客忠誠計劃平台;又或者正在考慮發展一套全新的忠誠計劃。希望尋找一些專業的意見和分析,又或有任何關於顧客忠誠計劃的疑問,請隨時與我們聯繫。我們能針對你的企業以及所處的行業,為你提供一對一的商業分析和意見咨詢服務。看一看我們顧客忠誠計劃平台引擎 – Aillia


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