What Makes Yuu Rewards Club a Successful Loyalty Program? [到底是什麼原因能讓 Yuu 獎賞計劃取得如此大的成功?]


Even if you are not a member, you must have heard of Yuu Rewards Club before. The catchy tune of Uptown Girl has been playing all around the televisions and supermarkets since the largest loyalty program was launched in July 2020. Loyalty programs have started to be carried out by different enterprises a long time ago, but what makes Yuu Reward Club stood out and became the talk of the town? Here are a few reasons explaining why.

Wide Variety of Brands and Customer Base

We all know that Dairy Farm is one of the largest retail groups in Hong Kong. Brands like 7-Eleven, Wellcome, Ikea, Mannings, and so on are under Dairy Farm. With so many retail types, from convenience stores to furnishing retailers, Dairy Farm is able to provide a wide variety of rewards to the customers via Yuu Rewards Club. In other words, the members of Yuu Rewards Club may claim points from different brands, rather than just one brand. You can easily find a store that partnered with Yuu Rewards Club when you walk on the street since the coverage is very wide. That is the reason why a lot of people are attracted to download the application, as it is convenient and usable in a lot of places. 

Some reward partners of Yuu withdrew their original loyalty programs and participated in the joint-brands rewards club when the application was launched. Such brands as Mannings and Wellcome merged their loyalty program into Yuu Rewards Club, and to prevent the loss of original members because of the platform change, Yuu Rewards Club provided additional points for those who register an account within the first few weeks of its launching. What could be more attractive? The registration of this one-stop reward-based application is free of charge, all you need to be is over 18 years old. After so many years since its establishment, Dairy Farm acquired more than enough existing customers who can be persuaded to become Yuu members. Having more partnered companies such as Maxims and Livi Bank is a living proof that Yuu is expanding and becoming more and more spectacular.

Attractive and Attainable Rewards

As mentioned, Dairy Farm is capable of providing a wide range of rewards to the Yuu members. The standard and default way for a member to claim rewards is to acquire points and redeem the corresponding QR code on the application, so simple that a child could also do that. However, even though 1 point earned is equivalent to 1 dollar spent, it is still difficult for a member to redeem a 2000 points reward, $2000 needs to be spent in other words. To keep the desire of the members to continue using Yuu Rewards Club, Hang Seng Bank and Dairy Farm joined hands and provide 3X yuu points for those who pay with Hang Seng Enjoy Card in transactions. Points can also be multiplied when a member purchased specific items. Moreover, there is also a point transferring system for the members to transfer points to their families and friends, which makes it faster and easier for them to save up a great number of points. 

After launching for some time, Yuu updated with its stamp function, which provided short-term rewards for the members. Whenever a member buys a specific item and redeems points in the corresponding transaction, a stamp will be automatically added to the user account. After saving up for a specific amount of stamps, a free item coupon will be automatically claimed by the account. The tasks that the members need to do remain the same, but more rewards can be obtained by the members thanks to the stamp function. The importance of providing short-term rewards to the members is that they will be more patient while participating in the loyalty program. Since the progress of short-term rewards and long-term rewards do not contradict each other, the members can enjoy some rewards while they are on their way to the ultimate goal, let’s say they may enjoy free meals while saving points for an air fryer. With both long-term and short-term rewards available, the chances for Dairy Farm to retain its loyal customers will be higher. 

Personalization By Big Data 

It is important to make your customers feel listened to and paid attention to if you want to boost their loyalty towards your brand. Personalization is an inevitable part of the customer retention process and a loyalty scheme. Dairy Farm understands the importance of personalization and provided “Just for Yuu” offers to each and every Yuu member. Based on the previous purchase records, the application will automatically generate a personalized offer to every member, it could be a coupon or discount code for their frequently visited stores or restaurants. Apart from making the customers feel like they are treated specially by the brand, such a wise move may also encourage members to use Yuu to redeem points more frequently, in order to obtain more Just for Yuu offers. 

With the good use of big data, Dairy Farm may obtain several customers’ behavioral and demographic data with the snap of the finger. The statistical result may help the stakeholders to make their decisions more accurately, such as determining which type of offer is the most popular and frequently redeemed, as well as keeping track of the sales growth of different brands after Yuu Rewards Club has launched, and so forth and so on. Digitizing the loyalty scheme is not only about the convenience of the users, data analysis is also an important part of launching a mobilized loyalty scheme. More statistics are collected and analyzed, more personalization works can be done. 

Accessibility and Mobility

Speaking of mobile applications, the reason why every firm wants to develop its own application is that it can make everything paperless and digitized. Without a mobile application, most firms are more likely to rely on the sales staff in the physical store to broaden the user coverage. Hence, it is an outstanding move for Dairy Farm to develop a one-stop application gathering all the offers from different partnered brands. 

The application design of Yuu is user-friendly. Let’s take a look at the main page first, the equivalent cash amount transferred from the acquired points is shown clearly on the top of the main page, which may inform the members how much value they have earned and generated by participating in the loyalty program. The users would feel like they are actually rewarded by cash rather than just points in this loyalty program after spending a lot of money on it. 

Apart from that, if you simply swipe left on the main page, you may open the QR code for membership verification directly, without the trouble of clicking the small button below the main page. What’s more convenient is that you may link your Octopus card or Hang Seng Enjoy card with your Yuu account, so that you may verify your membership identity by tapping your linked Octopus or credit card, without even opening your phone. Don’t underestimate the power of a small feature, a convenient design is usually what Hongkongers care about when it comes to using an application due to the fast pace of living. 

Strong B2B Relationship 

A B2B relationship is a two-way street, a good partnership will generate benefits to both parties. To boost the participation of its loyalty program, Yuu Rewards Club collaborates with Hang Seng Enjoy card and provides members with incentives. The target customers and reward types of Hang Seng Enjoy card were limited before Yuu existed since the major gimmick of it was the offers provided by Wellcome at that time. Now that Yuu has been launched, Dairy Farm collaborates with Hang Seng Bank in this new platform by providing additional points to Yuu members who make transactions with Enjoy credit cards. Of course, in exchange, Hang Seng Bank would pay or provide financial support to Dairy Farm for long-term collaboration, for example, buying points from Yuu as a giveaway to new customers. The collaboration of Dairy Farm and Hang Seng bank leads to the sustainable and remarkable growth of both businesses. On one hand, the exposure of Hang Seng Enjoy cards has increased, more customers are willing to apply for an Enjoy card just to earn extra points for their Yuu membership. On the other hand, the successful partnership led to the increase of reward partners in Yuu Rewards Club, such as Livi Bank. Yuu may thereby earn more partnership fees and provide more offers to its members. With more offers provided, the loyalty of Yuu members is more likely to be enhanced. 

Yuu Rewards Club is more than just a catchy theme song or in-store promotion, there are a lot of details and efforts that make Yuu Rewards Club become the game-changer in doing loyalty programs, there is no harm to learn from them when we are considering developing a loyalty program. If you are planning to level up your business by developing a digitized loyalty application, we are here to help! Motherapp provides one on one UX consultation and demo tours of Aillia, our loyalty engine, to simulate what your application would be like, and what you can expect to achieve by collaborating with us. If you have, or looking for the ideas of broadening your business, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team and book a consultation session.

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到底是什麼原因能讓 Yuu 獎賞計劃取得如此大的成功?

自從 Yuu 獎賞計劃在 2020 年 7 月份正式推出後,那一首洗腦又上癮的宣傳曲便透過電視廣告和大型超市傳遍了各區。作為香港人,相信即使你沒有使用過,但你一定也有聽聞過 Yuu 獎賞計劃。早在很久以前,顧客忠誠計劃便已被廣泛應用到各行各業之中。但到底是什麼原因,令剛推出不久的Yuu 獎賞計劃在眾多忠誠計劃中脫穎而出,成為一時熱話?以下是幾個可以解釋的原因。



我們都知道,牛奶公司是本港其中一個最大的零售集團。其下品牌都是市民與日常生活息息相關的商鋪,例子有 7-Eleven、惠康、宜家傢俬、萬寧等等。正正因為牛奶公司的業務範圍廣,從便利店服務到傢具店,涵蓋到多個不同行業,才能造就 Yuu 獎賞計劃這個強大的品牌網絡。換句話說,即參與了 Yuu 獎賞計劃的會員可以在不同品牌消費領取積分,而不是僅僅限於一個品牌。由於合作品牌眾多,你隨時都可以在身邊找到一間合作商鋪消費及儲分。正正因爲 Yuu 方便的儲分制度和廣泛的使用範圍,使它夠吸引到大量市民下戴並登記成為會員。

在 Yuu 推出後,部分 Yuu 的合作夥伴甚至取消了自家原有的會員平台並投入到 Yuu 跨品牌獎賞計劃之中。零售品牌如萬寧和惠康超市已把自己原有的積分計劃合併到 Yuu,而為了防止因轉換平台而導致會員流失,Yuu 獎賞計劃為在首幾週內成功登記到新平台的舊客戶提供了額外的積分補賞。還有什麼比這更具吸引力的?註冊成為這個全新的一站式獎賞計劃平台完全免費,你只需年滿 18 歲。牛奶公司在香港建基多年,在本地累積了綽綽有餘的客戶基礎,成為 Yuu 計劃的潛在用家。隨著計劃的發展,愈來愈多企業加入成為 Yuu 的合作夥伴,例子如美心集團及虛擬銀行Livi Bank便是 Yuu 計劃正在不斷擴張的證明。



就如以上所說,牛奶公司的涵蓋品牌和業務範圍廣,能提供多變且豐富的獎賞予 Yuu 會員。透過購物獲得積分,然後在應用程式上用積分/印花去兌換相應的二維碼優惠券是 Yuu 計劃常用的兌換方式。過程簡單易明,即使小孩也能獨自操作。然而,Yuu 計劃標榜每一元的消費能換到一積分,若我們想要儲到 2000 積分,便意味著要花費 2000 元才能獲取,這無疑是有些許困難的。為了保持會員的儲分意欲及鼓勵會員積極儲分,Yuu 與恆生銀行聯手合作並推出了額外三倍積分獎賞予恆生 enJoy 卡客戶,這額外三倍積分還能與其他特別獎賞加乘,做到「賺上賺」。不只如此,Yuu還有提供積分轉移功能,會員可以將積分轉給親朋好友,更快更輕鬆地累積更多積分。

在推出一段時間後,Yuu 計劃更更新了自身的印花系統,加入了短期印花獎賞的新功能。每當會員購買及為特定商品儲分時,相應的印花會自動加入並記錄到 Yuu 帳號裡。會員在儲到一定數量的印花後,優惠券會自動落入帳戶內,會員可憑券免費換領特定商品/購物折扣。多虧這個印花功能,會員在不需進行額外的儲分任務的情況下,亦能獲得額外的獎勵。短期獎賞能使會員更具耐性地去參與整個獎賞計劃。就例如在儲分換領氣炸鍋的漫上旅程中,會員能夠得到來自印花計劃的免費商品。由於長期與短期獎賞之間並沒有抵觸,會員在通往終極目標的過程中也能享受到一些儲分的樂趣。長期與短期獎賞計劃雙管齊下,從而降低 Yuu 計劃的會員流失。



若果你希望能提升顧客對品牌的忠誠度,你需要讓你的顧客意識到自己是有被傾聽和被重視的。個性化服務是企業忠誠計劃和挽留顧客過程中不可或缺的重要元素。牛奶公司正正明白到提供個性化服務的重要性,特地為 Yuu 會員推出了 ”Just for Yuu” 優惠。根據會員過往的購買記錄,應用程式會自動生成切合每一位會員購買習慣的獨家優惠予所有會員,它可以是常用商鋪的優惠券,也可以是您經常光顧的餐廳折扣優惠碼。除了能令會員感受到品牌對他們的特別禮遇外,這樣的明智之舉還能鼓勵用家更頻繁地利用 Yuu 兌換積分,以獲得更多 ”Just for Yuu” 優惠。

運用大數據帶來的便利,牛奶公司可以輕而易舉地獲取客戶的購物行為和基本背景數據。這些數據可以幫助企業持份者進行更準確的決定,例如決定並選擇出較常被兌換和較受會員歡迎的優惠、Yuu 計劃推出後的銷售增長數據等等。數碼化顧客忠誠平台並不只為客戶帶在方便,數據和資料的自動化分析亦是是否數碼化的重要因素。當收集和分析到的數據愈多,企業便為顧客提供愈全面、愈完善的個人化服務。



說到流動應用程式,眾多企業都希望發展自已的數碼平台,正是因爲它能協助企業將所有程序實現無紙化和數字化。在以往未有數碼平台前,商鋪依賴實體店的前線銷售人員去吸引顧客加入會員計劃,擴大他們的使用者範圍。因此,牛奶公司透過 Yuu 獎賞應用程式,以一個一站式獎賞平台匯集了多個合作品牌的所有優惠,無疑是傑出的一手。

Yuu 的流動應用程式貼合會員真實需要。讓我們先從程式的主頁看起,Yuu 將會員的現有積分餘額顯示在程式主頁的上方,並貼心地顯示了與現有積分餘額相對應的現金價值,隨時提醒會員他們在 Yuu 計劃所儲下的積分數目。讓用家能實際感受到這些他們所花費了的金額是真實存在,而且是具有現金價值的,並不僅僅只是這個忠誠計劃中的積分。

除此之外,當你從程式的主頁向左滑,你能直接滑到你的個人 Yuu 會員二維碼,減去了在頁面中尋找小按鈕的麻煩。還有比這更加方便的是,當你將你的 Yuu 帳戶連接到八達通卡或恆生 enJoy 卡後,你甚至可以直接使用你的八達通卡和恆生 enJoy 卡去進行儲分,連流動應用程式也沒必要開啟。不要小看這些看似細微的功能,這些方便又容易被企業忽略的功能正正是用家在使用時所期待會有的功能。

成功的 B2B 夥伴關係合作


企業對企業 (B2B) 之間的合作所帶來的利益是雙向的。為了提升會員人數和活躍度,Yuu 計劃與恆生 enJoy 卡合作,為雙方會員提供加入 Yuu 計劃/恆生 enJoy 卡的誘因。以往,恆生 enJoy 卡是以在每月特定日子到惠康超市購物可享有折扣優惠為主要賣點,受眾局限於經常在超市購買的家庭主婦。

當 Yuu 獎賞計劃推出後,牛奶公司與恆生銀行透過這次合作,為使用在結帳時 enJoy 卡付款的 Yuu 會員提供額外積分。當然,作為交換,恆生銀行會給予加盟費予牛奶公司,作為 Yuu 平台為 enJoy 卡推廣的費用,促進雙方長期夥伴合作。例如恆生銀行會向 Yuu 購買積分,用來送予新申請 enJoy 卡的 Yuu 會員。這次恆生銀行與牛奶公司的商業合作能為雙方業務帶來穩健的增長,促進雙方以後的長遠發展。一方面,Yuu 計劃成為恆生enJoy 卡的推廣渠道。由於enJoy 卡亦在此獎賞計劃的整體宣傳下曝光度大增,消費者會比以往更願意去申請信用卡,以獲得更高的 Yuu 積分獎賞。另一方面,成功的夥伴關係合作可為牛奶公司帶來更多合作夥伴,例如虛擬銀行 Livi Bank。使 Yuu 獎賞計劃得以在未來向會員提供的優惠選擇;以及收到更多來自合作夥伴的加盟費。隨著愈來愈多夥伴的加入,優惠選擇更多元及豐富,更進一步鞏固 Yuu 會員對獎賞計劃的忠誠度。

Yuu 獎賞計劃的宣傳策略當然不只有那首洗腦又上癮的宣傳曲或/夥伴門店內的推廣。在此之外,Yuu 計劃作為顧客忠誠平台的規則改變者 (Game-changer),能取得這般成功,他們在宣傳和推廣上還是花費了不少努力和功夫的。當我們考慮制定忠誠計劃時,Yuu 計劃的成功經驗十分值得我們參考和學習。

如果你正在計劃通過設立一個數碼忠誠計劃平台去為顧客提供更全面的服務,我們能隨時為你提供幫助!我們能特別為你提供一對一的用戶體驗設計 (UX design) 咨詢服務;還有我們獨家研發的數碼忠誠計劃平台引擎 — Aillia 的演示,模擬最後可以做到的忠誠計劃成果。如果你正在尋找,或已有想要擴大自身業務的想法,請隨時與我們聯繫,預約一個合適的咨詢時間。


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