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Carbon Wallet 首個支付夥伴 – 綁定八達通卡 乘車消費自動儲積分 - Motherapp

Carbon Wallet 首個支付夥伴 – 綁定八達通卡 乘車消費自動儲積分


The first payment partner of Carbon Wallet – automatically earn points with Octopus Card


我們的合作夥伴 – 港鐵旗下的減碳應用程式 Carbon Wallet 在最近與八達通公司達成合作。八達通成為了 Carbon Wallet 的首個支付夥伴,用家使用已連結的八達通卡進行綠色消費便能同步賺取 Carbon Wallet 的 CW 分。

Carbon Wallet, our partner in Hong Kong, has recently partnered with Octopus Card to bring users a new green loyalty experience. As Carbon Wallet’s first payment partner, users can now earn Carbon Wallet CW points automatically when making green purchases using their linked Octopus Card.

Carbon Wallet Octopus payment partner


在過去,用戶在 Carbon Wallet 精選合作綠色商戶家消費後,需要手動使用相機拍攝並上載收據,經團隊核對後積分方會存入帳戶。在合作推出後,用家只需於程式內綁定八達通卡,使用該八達通卡於合作綠色商戶付款,即同時賺取 CW 分。這項合作簡化了程式內的積分登記程序,進一步提升用家的消費及使用體驗。

Previously, users had to manually upload receipts in the Carbon Wallet app after making purchases at participating green merchants to earn points. With this collaboration, users simply need to link their Octopus Card within the app and make payments using the linked Octopus Card, CW points will be conceded automatically. This partnership streamlines the points registration process and enhances the overall user experience.


Carbon Wallet Octopus payment partner



閱讀更多:[個案研究] Carbon Wallet – 忠誠計劃平台的另類應用

Carbon Wallet 團隊致力推動市民減少碳排放,在本地推廣環保生活方式。這次與八達通的合作進一步提升了 Carbon Wallet 應用程式的能為用戶帶來的價值,為用戶提供更方便、易實踐的綠色消費生活模式。我們相信 Carbon Wallet 在未來能透過加強與不同品牌及支付夥伴的合作,完善程式功能,增加程式的吸引力和多樣性,推動市民實踐綠色生活。


Additionally, by linking the Octopus Card, users can also earn rewards for their MTR rides, redeem free MTR tickets, and enjoy other selected eco-friendly rewards through the Carbon Wallet app, encouraging citizens to embrace a green lifestyle.

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The partnership between Carbon Wallet and Octopus further enhances the value that the app brings to its users, providing them with a more convenient and practical way to embrace a green consumption lifestyle. By strengthening collaborations with different brands and payment partners, increasing its attractiveness and diversity, we believe that Carbon Wallet can continue playing an important role in empowering citizens to embrace a green lifestyle.




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