EMSD’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony on 26 Sep 2018

EMSD’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony on 26 Sep 2018


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong (EMSD) celebrated its 70th anniversary today (26 Sep 2018) in a ceremony attended by various esteemed guests held at its headquarters.

As EMSD’s solution partner, Motherapp was there to celebrate this joyous milestone together, but most of all, our team was also invited to showcase our artificial intelligence solution, as part of the ceremony.

Motherapp’s AI powered video analytics kickstarted the event by making use of a IP camera to detect the attendees in the room. The smart application uses machine learning and, by extension, artificial intelligence, to detect human objects and body gestures.

It is also able to do head counts, behaviour detection and crowd flow management – which can be crucially important in various sensitive environments. To find out more about this technology, view here.

Pioneering a new era of innovative and intelligent experiences with the use of smart applications- congratulations to EMSD for an impressive event and a happy 70th birthday!

The Motherapp project team present at the ceremony

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