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We spoke at the Government Technology Forum on Creating Great Mobile Experience
Along with Apple, MTR, and a few other corporates, Motherapp spoke at the Government Technology Forum on creating great mobile exp[...]

More 29.05.2014

An Effective Enterprise Mobile Solution
Your First Choice for an Effective Enterprise Mobile Solution[...]

More 25.02.2014

The Internet of Things – product development
The Internet of Things, by definition, means that the physical world itself has become a type of information system, in which sens[...]

More 25.12.2013

The Mekong Club – App Development for anti-slavery (2013)
A Hong Kong anti-slavery group is hoping technology can help tackle human trafficking in the region, as its ne[...]

More 02.08.2013

Motherapp revamped the JobsDB app – 2013
In November 2013, jobsDB, Asia's leading job portal has updated its mobile app. With the users-first approach in mind, the app per[...]

More 25.06.2013

Government Officials Visit Motherapp – 2013
More than forty officials from the Hong Kong Government visited Motherapp HK office and discussed a wide range of  mobile topics f[...]

More 05.03.2013

Product Release — To be fast or to be good?
One very old and yet hot question about the product release cycle (or project implementation cycle) is "when should we release the[...]

More 01.03.2013

A lean way to involve users in development – 2013
We went to a workshop organized by UXHK where different companies shared their app/website development processes. To our surprise,[...]

More 25.02.2013

How to measure the success of your app?
While the number of app downloads is definitely one measure of success, there are other arguably more important measures like:[...]

More 25.02.2013