The Internet of Things – product development

The Internet of Things – product development


The Internet of Things, by definition, means that the physical world itself has become a type of information system, in which sensors and actuators are embedded in physical objects. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS, a new device by Nike, and Jawbone UP24, an activity tracker with wireless syncing technology, are two powerful examples.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS does not only track basic information like distance covered, heart rate and calories burnt, but it also provides other valuable information like automatic run-reminders and personal records. As Nike has stated on its official website, “it’s like having your own personal running coach, right on your waist”. For Jawbone UP24, the wristband uses a precision motion sensor and powerful algorithm to passively track and quantify one’s steps, distance, calories, active time and idle time, etc. In addition, the UP/UP24 wristbands claims to be able to monitor micro movements to track sleeping pattern and determine whether one is asleep or awake.

While these digital gadgets can provide useful and relevant information to help our physical lives, they help us in a passive way. Recently, we have come across a digital tool named Roadie Tuner that can be integrated into our physical activities even further.

It is a device that guitarists may use to not only tune their guitars, but also to create a portfolio for their instrument, which keeps tracks of string quality and advises on appropriate dates to restring. It may also help a guitarist to unwind and wind strings quickly. Roadie Tuner, along with its mobile app, takes up an active role in making a musician’s life easier. In my opinion, the power that the small piece of device holds indicates the future of technology.

It is also noteworthy that for IoT to provide the most value and benefit, the trend is for the hardware and software to work together and communicate with each other. Let’s look forward for more groundbreaking digital products that may help with our physical world to come.

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