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Newsroom - Motherapp

Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Airport Solution Showcase 2018
Hosted by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong, the annual Smart Airport Technovation Conference and Exhibition 2018 was held at the[...]

More 10.12.2018

EMSD Smart City Solution Showcase for the Innovation and Technology Bureau
The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong (EMSD) is a government body that aims to provide and  regulate elec[...]

More 05.07.2018

Motherapp wins global champion spot at the World Summit Awards
Celebrating Success- Motherapp has recently clinched the[...]

More 23.05.2018

CSV training with Richard Welford
Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a powerful business philosophy that encourage companies to create innovative businesses that adds v[...]

More 03.05.2018

Hong Kong Government’s first smart city project deployment
The case study video of Motherapp's Smart City project done in conjunction with the Hong Kong SAR government is now live! The pro[...]

More 09.04.2018

PowerArena – smart crowd management solution
One of Motherapp's core business products, PowerArena is the system that powers our smart operations solution, which can be applie[...]

More 15.02.2018

EMSD Innovative Technology Day
Co-organised by HKSTP, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) recently organised an Innovative Technology Day at[...]

More 22.12.2017