Motherapp wins global champion spot at the World Summit Awards
Celebrating Success- Motherapp has recently clinched the Global Champion spot at the United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA)[...]

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CoBo Social Shines at Mob-Ex Awards 2017
Congratulations to CoBo Social and Motherapp for the honourable recognition by Mob-Ex Awards 2017! CoBo Social is honored to[...]

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Motherapp Conducted UX Workshops for CityU Students
Motherapp's UX team is invited to conduct user experience workshops for students from City University[...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] Implementing Dependency Injection in Android Using Dagger
Our Software Engineer Ka Long shows us the steps of implementation of Dependency Injection (DI) in Android with some simple[...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] 3 Tips on Reducing Android App Size
Android users love smaller apps which are easy to download. Our Senior Software Engineer Lawrence shares with us about 3 ways to[...]

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We hosted the Mobile Learning Workshop for enterprises – Oct 2016
It was a great success at our Mobile Learning Workshop on 28 October 2016. More than 65 guests from different sectors[...]

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We Spoke at JOS iOS Solution Seminar – Sep 2016
Motherapp, together with Apple Hong Kong, were invited by JOS to speak at their seminar on 8 September 2016. Ken, our CEO,[...]

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Motherapp Shared at Swift Hong Kong Meetup – July 2016
Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift is a new programming language for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OS X. Hang Wong, our CTO, was[...]

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Motherapp Develops Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
Transforming Hong Kong Retail With Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Ken Law, our Founder and CEO, was invited by GS1 to share[...]

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Premier HR Apps for Hong Kong Businesses
Mobilising your company can provide many opportunities for expansion and financial growth, whilst streamlining productivity.[...]

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Interactive Staff Learning Apps
Conventional staff mentoring and learning processes have become outdated and tedious over the years, costing companies more[...]

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Management Apps to Improve Work Efficiency
The age of digital technology has inspired new methods in the approach that managers take when going about their daily[...]

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