Premier HR Apps for Hong Kong Businesses

Premier HR Apps for Hong Kong Businesses



Mobilising your company can provide many opportunities for expansion and financial growth, whilst streamlining productivity. Motherapp designs innovative and dynamic HR apps for Hong Kong companies looking to embrace the digital age and improve efficiency. There are a number of advantages to using mobile HR solutions for your business and you can potentially cut down on many expenses over time.

Advantages of our business apps

In terms of day to day operations, such as hiring, organising timetables, pay sheets, training and KPI tracking, the digital age has provided many new ways in which to conduct these once tedious and mundane operational tasks. Our team of design and IT experts offer you the flexibility to customise one or more HR apps for your business that will suit your individual needs. Our mobile team will work with you every step of the way to achieve complete optimisation. Just some possible areas where this could help your business, include:

Manage on the go

Some jobs require a lot of travelling or are so demanding that some duties cannot be addressed on time. Our mobile HR solutions can allow managers to access information on the move, whether on the train, walking in between meetings or even on a sick day. Ordinary methods for leave approval or other absence requests, team calendars and training can involve a lot of paperwork which gets misplaced, lost or forgotten. Using a mobile app for the same function can manage all of the same information and provide an easier method for reviewing progress or submitted information, whilst allowing for faster processing.

Recruitment made easy

Our apps help Hong Kong businesses access their workforce more efficiently and unlock opportunities to reach a much broader talent pool – one that might ordinarily have been inaccessible. Offering solutions which will allow job seekers to stay apprised of career openings within your company for example, is an excellent way to ensure quick and efficient turnovers.

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