EMSD’s 70th Anniversary Ceremony on 26 Sep 2018
The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong (EMSD) celebrated its 70th anniversary today (26 Sep 2018) in a[...]

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EMSD Smart City Solution Showcase for the Innovation and Technology Bureau
The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong (EMSD) is a government body that aims to provide and  regulate[...]

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Hong Kong Government’s first smart city project deployment
The case study video of Motherapp's Smart City project done in conjunction with the Hong Kong SAR government is now live! The[...]

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Ocean Park & PowerArena featured on Enterprise Innovation 2017
Ocean Park with the real-time mobile platform for people flow analytics, PowerArena, is featured on Enterprise Innovation. With[...]

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Motherapp Conducts Crowd Management and AI Video Analytics for Smart People Counting in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (HK) – May 2017
As apart of the government’s Smart Cities project for traffic analytics, we deployed our smart city solution with computer[...]

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PowerArena empowers business results with smart technology
PowerArena is a smart operations platform that enables timely collection, analysis and dissemination of operations data and[...]

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PC Market: 本地科創港企力撐 – 2016 Oct
Motherapp’s Ocean Park IoT project is featured on PC Market as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park”[...]

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Oriential Daily: 科技園推公司配對 初創企業展實力
Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations project is featured on Oriental Daily as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from[...]

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UNWIRE.HK: 海洋公園與Motherapp合力開發人流管理系統
Ken Law, Motherapp’s CEO, together with Timothy Ng, Ocean Park’s Park Operations Director, shared to unwire.hk how PFlow[...]

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HKSTP features Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations Solution
Our partnership with Ocean Park is featured as a successful case in HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park”[...]

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Motherapp revamped the JobsDB app – 2013
In November 2013, jobsDB, Asia's leading job portal has updated its mobile app. With the users-first approach in mind, the app[...]

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