HKSTP features Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations Solution

HKSTP features Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations Solution



Our partnership with Ocean Park is featured as a successful case in HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park” programme.

The case showcased the innovative PFlow application we developed for Ocean Park. PFlow is a real-time people traffic management system that integrates big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Using PFlow, Ocean Park’s operations team can immediately adjust operational strategy and staff deployment to cater to visitor traffic. The solution helps optimise the park’s operational efficiency for delivering the best experience for visitors.

The “Technologies from Science Park” programme aims to accelerate innovation-based economic growth in Hong Kong through facilitating leading local enterprises to adopt home grown technologies and enabling local innovators to understand the hot trends and business challenges in respective industries.

View the full story on the Ocean Park Case Study.

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