Motherapp wins global champion spot at the World Summit Awards
Celebrating Success- Motherapp has recently clinched the Global Champion spot at the United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA)[...]

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Hong Kong Government’s first smart city project deployment
The case study video of Motherapp's Smart City project done in conjunction with the Hong Kong SAR government is now live! The[...]

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DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards (HKBA) 2017
Winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award 2016, Motherapp’s CEO and Founder, Mr Ken Law attended this year’s HKBA to hand over[...]

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[Motherapp featured on Oriental Daily News 東方日報] 香港搞邊科:手機App開發商謀轉戰AI
Developing innovative IoT and AI solutions for enterprises, government bodies and organizations in Hong Kong, Motherapp is[...]

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Ocean Park & PowerArena featured on Enterprise Innovation 2017
Ocean Park with the real-time mobile platform for people flow analytics, PowerArena, is featured on Enterprise Innovation. With[...]

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PowerArena Featured on PM Network Magazine 2017
Ocean Park's PFlow (PowerArena) real-time crowd management platform was mentioned in the PM Network Magazine March 2017[...]

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Ta Kung Pao mentioned Motherapp in its Smart City Featured Stories – 2016 Dec
Our CEO, Ken Law, shared to Ta Kung Pao how IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data technologies can facilitate development of[...]

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SCMP: Silicon Valley import hopes to lead Hong Kong’s charge in mobile innovation
SCMP covers Ken Law's story in receiving the Young Entrepreneur Award from Hong Kong Business Awards 2016 on 4 December,[...]

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香港商報: 科技園作媒 企業科創配對 – 2016 Oct
Ken Law, our CEO, shared to Hong Kong Commercial Daily how PFlow, the award-winning IoT solution we created for Ocean Park,[...]

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PC Market: 本地科創港企力撐 – 2016 Oct
Motherapp’s Ocean Park IoT project is featured on PC Market as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park”[...]

More 05.10.2016

Oriential Daily: 科技園推公司配對 初創企業展實力
Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations project is featured on Oriental Daily as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from[...]

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大公報: 初創公司用App推動智慧城市
Ken Law, our CEO, shared to Ta Kung Pao how PFlow, the award-winning IoT solution we created for Ocean Park, improves their[...]

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