Interactive Staff Learning Apps

Interactive Staff Learning Apps



Conventional staff mentoring and learning processes have become outdated and tedious over the years, costing companies more time and money than is necessary. With new employee training applications being developed by Motherapp, coaching and development processes have been given new pathways in which to accomplish the same results, faster and inexpensively. We collaborate closely with your business to analyse your work environment and your employees to best cater to your unique requirements. Our staff learning apps can be completely customised to best align with your needs and evoke the most favourable results from your team.

Why your business should embrace staff development apps

Not only is this option cheaper, but such applications are available 24/7 and allow employees to access important notices or readings anywhere within range of a cell tower.

Engagement is the key

Studies have shown that staff engagement is one of the main ingredients for the retention of information and acts as a motivator to learn. Our employee learning apps can be designed specifically for this purpose and give staff members the option to create individual profiles, leave comments and interact with their colleagues.

Save the trees and your wallets

Conventional training and learning methods have a number of associated costs and depending on the size of the company, can involve a lot of paper. Training aps provide an alternative which cuts down on both of these wasted expenditures whilst actually improving development. Our services are great for companies who are environmentally conscious and looking to go greener in every area they can.


Being available at all hours, our employee learning applications allow your workforce to work comfortably at their own pace and in their preferred environment. Fast learners are able to push ahead and improve productivity, whilst slower learners, who struggle in classroom settings, are able to study a topic until they are confident enough to progress.

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