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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] User Agent
User agent is an identity for server that can show web site information about the browser and operating system. In this video, our[...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] RESTful API using Django
Most of the developers are using API to connect frontend and backend (fetch / update / create data). Indeed, Django REST framework[...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] Firebase – Database Introduction (Swift)
Firebase has some features to support the mobile backend. One of the main features is real-time database. In this video, our Analy[...]

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[MotherApp Flipped Classroom] An overview and application of Blockchain
A blockchain is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Our Analyst[...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom] Asp.net C# – Backend Development
Watch the below video to learn about basic skills using asp.net as backend development. In this video, our Software Engineer Eric [...]

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[Motherapp Flipped Classroom For Developers] 5 Codes We Wrote
Our CTO Hang introduces 5 codes in engineer team's experience that we should pay attention to. Some codes are bad that we should a[...]

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PowerArena empowers business results with smart technology
PowerArena is a smart operations platform[...]

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Motherapp showcases IoT Crowd Management Platform at Ericsson Networked Society Day 2017
We showcased our PowerArena platform at the Ericsson Networked Society Da[...]

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Students visiting Motherapp to explore the mobile industry
We are delighted to have a fun workshop with students from Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College. Our colleagues are excited about student[...]

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