CSV training with Richard Welford

CSV training with Richard Welford


Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a powerful business philosophy that encourage companies to create innovative businesses that adds value concurrently for both the society at large together with the business’ profit objectives.

Motherapp is committed to CSV in our products and services, and has been active in promoting our vision that businesses are able to create economic value in a way that also creates value for our society.

With the support of the Hong Kong Government Efficiency Office (效率促進辦公室), and The Share Value Initiatives by SIE Fund, our product and consulting team members had the opportunity to learn from Richard Welford himself.

The Chairman of CSR Asia, Richard has over 30 years of experience working with the business sector, United Nations, NGOs and other international agencies in the field of corporate social responsibility.

We are glad to have Richard’s guidance in this area where we hope to further capitalise on moving forward.

With our Smart Environments projects that can be applied to a variety of scenarios, we believe that the use of technology can help to better the lives of our society while saving much time, cost, and make efficient the operations of our partners at the same time.

This workshop with Richard has helped to equip the team with a deeper understanding of CSV business model design and implementation, so we can further embrace the CSV concepts in our product development and client projects.

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