A smart environment is a better environment

A smart environment is a better environment

Data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) when carefully applied, can help you understand and manage your assets and operations far more effectively.


Making cities safer and better places to live



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Using a hybrid of technologies such as connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices, AI-powered video analytics, big data processing, and mobile app development, Motherapp provides you with the tools you need to build a Smart Environment.

Gain better control and more efficient management of your assets and resources with intuitive solutions.

What makes an environment smart?

A smart environment is any physical space monitored by video cameras and other technologies such as 5G mobile network, WiFi, bluetooth beacons, weather data, and selected IoT sensors.

These connected devices stream collected data in real-time to Motherapp’s in-house AI processing technology. Any abnormal activity or pattern detection that falls within a predetermined scope will instantly trigger a pre-set alert, action or intervention.

Imagine an environment with heightened senses.

Why use a smart environment?

AI and IoT technology removes much guesswork in management, accurately identify problem root causes, and optimise key areas for improvement.

It has always been a challenge for organisers to manage large spaces in which complex operations occur. Is everything running smoothly? What can be better done to avoid common errors? Where would our people and resources be best deployed to enhance efficiency?

Gain information first-hand when things go awry and act on it instantly. A smarter environment is a more environmentally-friendly, space-friendly, and city-friendly environment.

Benefits of Smart Environments

  • Physical space is easier to manage
  • More efficient operations with lower costs
  • Earlier incident detection
  • Safer environments
  • Faster response to opportunities
  • Data analysis provide much needed management insights
  • AI systems learn from data and get smarter over time

You may already have much of the technology in place to build effective smart environments in your organization.


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