A smart environment is a better environment

A smart environment is a better environment

Carefully applied data-driven artificial intelligence lets you understand and manage people, machines and operations far more effectively.


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What makes an environment smart?

A smart environment is a physical space monitored by video cameras and other IoT sensors. These connected devices stream data to Motherapp’s in-house developed AI engine to analyze the data in real time.

In such a smart environment, any activity or pattern detected that falls within a predetermined scope can instantly trigger an alert, action or intervention.

Why a smart environment is easier to manage

It’s always been a challenge to manage a large location in which complex operations occur. Is everything running smoothly? Is anything unusual happening? Where would people and resources be best deployed?

You always know the answers to questions like these in a smart environment. AI and IoT take the guesswork out of management.  You instantly know when things go wrong, and when an opportunity arises. Best of all, it’s now cost effective to apply this technology.

Benefits of smart environments

  • Physical space is easier to manage
  • More efficient operations with lower costs
  • Earlier incident detection
  • Safer environments
  • Faster response to opportunity
  • Data analysis reveals new opportunities and offers management insights
  • AI systems learn from data and get smarter over time

You may already have much of the technology in place to build effective smart environments in your organization.

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