Customise Your own CRM Dashboard Applications

Customise Your own CRM Dashboard Applications



Providing a single, universal space to navigate a company’s operational functions, find relevant data and communicate between staff, is essential for a successful company. Not only do CRM dashboard apps make daily duties quick and easy, they also provide a single convenient hub for the business. This can assist in other areas such as staff coaching and development, notice boards, KPI’s and a business’s overall performance in the market.

We at Motherapp are equipped to work closely with your team to devise the most appropriate and relevant dashboard for your individual needs and specifications. We aim to evaluate factors such as work environments, employee needs and user analysis to inform our design process and deliver a dynamic apps solution to enhance your company.

Dashboard apps are the backbone of any competitive company

Well-designed CRM dashboard applications can make all the difference in refining a company’s’ overall productivity when they need it most. Whether your business is in sales, finance, marketing or multimedia, having a portal with applications that are easy to navigate and simple yet efficient, can push your work efficiency just that little bit higher to outdo your competitors.

Reduce navigation time, increase productivity

The less time your employees spend getting lost in their dashboard applications means the more time they can spend working. When market information or KPI’s are needed at a moment’s notice, getting to it quickly is essential.

Communication is key

Dashboard apps which utilise employee profiles and effective comment functions ensure less time on the phones. They also allow for information to be shared quickly, whilst providing a dated chat history that can be used as a progress report or to confirm details.

Set clear objectives

CRM goals are great motivators and give your team a quantifiable target to reach in a set timeframe. These can easily be represented in our apps by graphs, charts and figures which when illustrated effectively, can be excellent for workflow and staff engagement.

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