Ocean Park’s PowerArena Deployment Awarded the Enterprise Innovation Awards
Ocean Park Corporation was announced as the winner of the Enterprise Innovation Awards 2016 at the presentation ceremony in[...]

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Motherapp showcased crowd control technology PowerArena at IAAPA Orlando 2016
We showcased our Crowd Control Technology "PowerArena" at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 in Orlando on 14-18 November[...]

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Motherapp Received the Walk21HK CityTech Awards
Motherapp’s idea on walkability received the Walk21HK CityTech Awards co-organised by Civic Exchange and Internet Society[...]

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PC Market: 本地科創港企力撐 – 2016 Oct
Motherapp’s Ocean Park IoT project is featured on PC Market as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park”[...]

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Oriential Daily: 科技園推公司配對 初創企業展實力
Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations project is featured on Oriental Daily as a part of HKSTP’s “Technologies from[...]

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大公報: 初創公司用App推動智慧城市
Ken Law, our CEO, shared to Ta Kung Pao how PFlow, the award-winning IoT solution we created for Ocean Park, improves their[...]

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UNWIRE.HK: 海洋公園與Motherapp合力開發人流管理系統
Ken Law, Motherapp’s CEO, together with Timothy Ng, Ocean Park’s Park Operations Director, shared to unwire.hk how PFlow[...]

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Motherapp Showcases IoT Solution at Walk21HK Conference 2016
We will be showcasing the award-winning “Real-time People Flow Tracking Solution” for Walkability, using Internet of Things[...]

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HKSTP features Motherapp’s Ocean Park Smart Operations Solution
Our partnership with Ocean Park is featured as a successful case in HKSTP’s “Technologies from Science Park”[...]

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