Ocean Park’s PowerArena Deployment Awarded the Enterprise Innovation Awards

Ocean Park’s PowerArena Deployment Awarded the Enterprise Innovation Awards


Ocean Park Corporation was announced as the winner of the Enterprise Innovation Awards 2016 at the presentation ceremony in Singapore on 24 November 2016.

Ocean Park is recognised as a vanguard of innovation in the travel & hospitality industry having developed PowerArena, a smart operations platform, to enable continuous enhancement of its services and guest experience.

PowerArena, co-created by Ocean Park and Motherapp, is a smart operations platform that drives optimal guest distribution by real-time collection, analysis and dissemination of guest flow information. The data empowers Ocean Park’s operation team to make calculated decisions to enhance guest experience, through proactive management of guest flow, and identification of opportunities to improve the efficiency and flexibility of operations and manpower management.


Ocean Park Corporation is a world-class theme park which provides excellent guest experiences through the thrill of discovery, while connecting people to nature.

The Enterprise Innovation Awards is hosted by Enterprise Innovation to recognize the efforts of Asian enterprises to use technology to create innovative approaches to meeting the complex and competitive business environments.

Congratulations to the Ocean Park Team!

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