PowerArena —<br> The all-in-one smart environment platform

PowerArena —
The all-in-one smart environment platform

Any large-scale event, or physically large operational area - be it commercial or governmental, can be tough to manage without the right tools and resources, putting much pressure on your ground staff to deliver.

What is the real-time status of your operation? Where can you better deploy your staff? Why are services delayed in a certain area, or how can we avoid overcrowding of people and traffic?

The above problems are now solvable with the latest IoT and AI technology using computer vision and video analytics – which you will get with PowerArena. An all-in-one essential software you need to apply object detection, deep-learning vision, and AI-supported decisions in your operations to maximise your resources.

AI-first computations
We make use of cutting edge technology to support an integral stream processing architecture with the ability to process large amounts of real-time data with integrated deep learning algorithms. This allows instant data analysis of your camera streams and other sensors, supported by a variety of handy tools for on-the-spot management.

Turn data into actionable decisions
The instant transmission of data is fed into an intuitive dashboard designed to help you clearly visualise and make sense of incoming data streams. This allows you to make more informed decisions, especially in real-time, and set-up alerts to common messaging platforms for effective internal communication – be it to adjust manpower placement or to initiate operational movements.

Proven, award-winning solution
PowerArena is an award-winning solution that has been successfully deployed by governments and large enterprises, and integrates easily with corporate environments. Its easy-to-use interface and real-time management capabilities has secured many international awards including the Grand Champion title at the prestigious World Summit Awards (WSA) in Vienna, 2018.


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