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We identify business problems and together explore mobile solutions.

No matter what business problems you're facing, we can provide the insight, analysis and technology to turn them into advantages. Contact us to get started.

Mobile Strategy

Organizations developing their enterprise mobile strategy are faced with a dizzying set of choices. Let us explore and recommend the best mobile strategy to fit your needs.

Mobile Opportunity Analysis

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Trend Seminar

The mobile marketplace is moving so rapidly that it’s hard to keep track of the changes in technology, what’s working, and what’s not. Our Trend Seminar provides a quick introduction to the mobile landscape specific to your industry, surveys the challenges faced by organizations to develop a mobile first strategy, and introduces a well tuned methodology to overcome these challenges.

Trend Seminar

Opportunity Workshop

Our Opportunity Workshop is an intensive one day workshop conducted in a highly interactive team setting. Through a systematic process of business objectives assessment, persona modeling and user journey brainstorming, our mobile strategy experts will guide you to discover hidden innovation opportunities that can give your organization a competitive edge in the mobile environment.

Opportunity Workshop



Our concept design process is rigorous and disciplined. By separating the overall design process into user analysis, solution prototyping and visual design phases, you benefit from a systematic and iterative design approach that translates your mobile strategy into effective app concepts.

mobile app design

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User Analysis

We work with your business to define your primary user profile, their goals and journey on the app, what they value and what their barriers are to success. If possible, our design team conducts a Persona Analysis with target users and stakeholders to uncover unmet needs and correct concept discrepancies. Finally we come up with user stories to define the entire user experience to be created with the app, working with you to prioritize the project’s scope and size.

User Analysis

Interaction Design & Prototyping

Now that our design team has clarified your business objectives, created a user persona, identified existing constraints, and defined the scope of your user’s journey, we come up with concept solutions. With wireframe on-device prototypes, we make it easy for you to imagine the information architecture and user interaction being proposed and make a proper selection decision. Moreover, we use these conceptual prototypes as a quick way to get feedback from prospective users and decision makers. This early feedback gets incorporated back into the design and is a key element its success.

Interaction Design and Prototyping

Visual Design

We deliberately postpone the visual design up until this point as our experience shows it’s most effective to first address content and interaction. With key user interactions confirmed, stories completed and prototypes reviewed, we work with you to provide the color schemes, mood boards and mockup designs.

Visual Application Design

Software Development

Software development is more than creating the app or solution you need. It is about creating them in a robust and timely manner that gives you peace of mind.

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MotherApp takes software development to another level by:

  • A Competent, Multi-disciplinary Team: Our team consists of account managers, project managers, designers, engineers, QA staff and copywriters. Working together they make sure your app is the best it can be.
  • Experienced Project Management: We have a rigorous process to guide you through the development — from the kickoff meeting to weekly reports to App Store submission.
  • Robust Testing: We use an advanced testing methodology based on user stories to make sure that your app is well tested with hundreds of test cases.

Software Development

App Launch Services

With over 700,000 active apps in the Apple App Store and an average of 26,000 app submissions per month, it's tough to get noticed. Our app launch services provide an orchestrated approach to maximize your app's exposure from store submission to promotional media and even post launch evaluation.


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App Store Submission

Submitting your app to Apple App Store or Google Play can be a daunting task. MotherApp can step you through each part of the application process to ensure your app gets listed as quickly and effectively as possible.


App Media & Event Promotionals

We'll start by creating a custom website landing page designed specifically to encourage more people to download your new app. We'll also leverage your existing website traffic, marketing efforts, and paid advertising to direct people to the landing page to download your app. Our marketing team can work with you or your team to increase exposure to your app throughout the app design, development and post launch process.


EyeQ Promo Website


After launching your app, you will not only want to understand how customers are using it, but also how the app is impacting your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). MotherApp can design app analytics to answer specific business questions. In particular, we apply an AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) analytics model to give you insight into your user's behaviour, and measure whether or not your app is meeting your business goals.

website analytics

Common Questions


Many of our clients make changes to the app once it goes public, and they receive user feedback. So instead of working on refining two platforms at the same time, we recommend clients focus on iOS or Android first, then once the app is stabilized, we can port it to the other platform.

• Mobile Opportunity Analysis is where we work with you to identify the best mobile strategies
• User Analysis uncovers the hidden needs of your users
• Prototyping helps you and your team visualize the app prior to engineering
• Analytics helps you understand user behavior and its impact on your KPI

We can work with your technical team through defining API, and have your team implement it. We can also dive deep into your technical environment and implement specific solutions to fit your needs.

Much like your website, we can use your existing marketing effort to drive people to your app promotional page, which will in turn cause people to download it. Alternatively, you can use mobile specific channels, such as mobile ads. And there are also free but important marketing initiatives, such as creating great screenshots of your app for the App Store, or carefully selecting keywords for your app on the app store.

We first help you clarify what kind of app you need to develop through an Opportunity Analysis. We then build a prototype with prototyping and visual design.

Typically it takes 4-6 months from project kick-off to submit the app to the app store.

“The quality of MotherApp's service stood out among mobile app companies. That's why we chose them!”

Samantha Huang, Manager, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources

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