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Mobile Innovation

Our clients unlocked the power of mobile apps to run their business.

We're experts at analyzing your mobile needs and developing killer app solutions that increase revenue, tighten operations and facilitate corporate communications. Let's talk about how mobile apps can power your enterprise.

We Value User Experience


Many app initiatives fail because they fail to solve problems that matter to the user. Mobile developers must have a good understanding of a company's culture and processes to create a user experience that addresses critical issues. That's why we take the time to understand everyone's expectations from stakeholder to end user— all to ensure that your app is relevant and worth the investment.

We Build On Success


MotherApp is a proven market leader in consumer app development. Our deep consumer app expertise covers everything from filter-and-search, to mobile payment, to e-bookshelves, to location-based apps. We've worked with startups, mid-range businesses, Fortune 500's, and multinational brands. Whatever the project scope- if you can dream it, we can build it.

We Deliver Peace Of Mind


It can be scary when IT projects run wild — year long delays, buggy apps and source code held hostage by developers. That's why at MotherApp, we have a rigorous engineering process that includes a thorough testing plan for every software release to ensure your app is delivered on time and problem-free. We also provide our source code to clients without a charge, so they can have full reins over their application in the future.

Discover Our Portfolio

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) connects international buyers with Asia based products and services. We helped the HKTDC identify which of their business divisions would benefit most from mobile applications, then developed easy to use e-magazines, product catalogs, and event information apps to allow buyers to access the information on mobile devices.



Abbott Laboratories

When Abbott Laboratories wanted to increase brand awareness among parents in Hong Kong, they turned to us to create a mobile application that would stand out in an already crowded market space. By conducting a thorough User Analysis study we discovered parents needed help preparing their children for kindergarten interviews. We developed a fun, interactive app that incorporates simulated video interviews, multi-language support, and video clip sharing to help their kids succeed.


We'll help write your company's mobile success story. Let's get started.

Common Questions


We have experience integrating popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks. Depending on your security needs, we also implement specific security measures such as content encryption and OWASP Top 10 auditing.

We have experience integrating a wide variety of backend systems, such as Active Directory, LDAP server, Jetco Payment Gateway, PayPal, MixPanel and OpenX.

We recommend integrating your app with popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks. On iOS, instead of putting the app on the App Store, you can distribute the app through Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

When we start our design process, we interview key stakeholders and establish the guiding principles of the project. Those principles get everyone on the same page and give us the ability to evaluate different solutions based on a set of agreed to criteria.

Our Clients Say

"I appreciate the responsiveness and MotherApp’s uncanny ability to quickly handle and prioritize evolving needs we have as an organization."

Jeff Cook, Project Manager, Home123