Retain your best customers and nurture loyalty with a dedicated membership app and CRM platform

Results have shown that retailers achieve more significant growth by simply allocating more CRM budget to customer loyalty than customer acquisition. Besides, past experience supports that a mere 5% in customer retention or CRM increases profits by at least 25%.

It’s always exciting to acquire new customers, but if you’re not careful, they can easily take up the bulk of your marketing budget and resources. Show some love to your current customers instead, as statistics have proven that loyal customers can be costly to lose.

With a scalable, owned mobile CRM loyalty app platform, you can effectively drive customer retention and nurture loyalty through personalisation, exclusivity, and members-only rewards and privileges. Let our AI engines work 24/7 to learn the behavioural patterns and preferences of your members, to drive targeted interactions and offer independent membership benefits in their best interest.

Reduce Marketing Costs
An exclusive CRM mobile app for membership platform can prove more cost-effective in the long run. Whether it’s running membership campaigns, offering exclusive benefits or placing targeted ads, you are in total control of placement, and rewarded with full movement data. Get intimate knowledge at a far lower cost, with an actual barrier to competition.

Communication Loop
Retain existing customers while acquiring new ones. A mobile-first approach enables continuous engagement, which means that conversations can also be driven by your customers. Use this user-generated content (UGC) to feed the authenticity wheel with engagement between users, and ride on the communication loop to deliver more relevant input on your end.

Increased Relevance
Learn more about your members with intimate knowledge gained through AI analysis. Run smart campaigns off the bat as we turn your existing engagement data into campaigns that are ready to go. Surprise and delight members with highly relevant contextual messaging. Elements include incentives, gamification, and earning loyalty points from dynamic interactions through membership app and mobile loyalty card.


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