Smart factory FAQ

Smart factory FAQ

Transform your production line in China, Hong Kong (HK) and Asia Pacific into a smart factory. Improve efficiency by implementing IoT devices and using AI analysis software with Motherapp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to a manufacturing process, typically in a factory, that makes use of sensors and other internet of things (IoTs) devices. It represents the fourth shift in the way we manufacture things. Industry 4.0 benefits from the use of machine learning and the utilisation of data analytics to improve efficiency and heighten productivity in the factory.

How does a smart factory work?

By implementing sensors and other data-collecting IoT devices, factories can now collect more granular data from day-to-day operations, and use machine learning and AI to measure productivity and perform quality control.

AI system automatically triggers alerts whenever productivity falls below predefined thresholds and provide historical data for process optimisation.

What are the advantages of smart manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing and factory solution can provide countless benefits for businesses in China, Hong Kong (HK) and all over the world. From finding bottlenecks in production line to effortlessly producing smaller batches with shorter lead time at a higher quality, smart manufacturing improves efficiency on all fronts.

Smart manufacturing system saves time for industrial engineers in monitoring multiple production lines 24/7. It helps industrial engineers to quickly identify improvement opportunities comparing to traditional manual approach.

How do I design a smart factory?

Motherapp provides quick implementation of smart factory system for your production facilities in China, Hong Kong (HK) and worldwide. We provide end to end service from IoT devices installation to training your engineers to make use of AI system for production line improvement.

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A careful approach to developing the smart factory

Everything your IT team needs for smart factory application development.

Or let the experienced, knowledgeable Motherapp team help.

Smart factory

PowerArena – our complete, award-winning smart factory application

With our PowerArena solution, you and your operations team can start building smart applications right away.

PowerArena includes everything. From analysing video and IoT data, to delivering real-time understanding of what’s going on in the physical world. PowerArena manages high data volumes and intense computation, and makes data actionable through dashboard and mobile solutions.

We have already helped manufacturers better manage their factories, production processes and workplaces. We’re ready to help you too.

Customized end-to-end project development

First we obtain a clear understanding of your business and your environment.

Then we identify how a smarter environment and operations can address your challenges and open new opportunities.

We then apply our proven caring approach to bring the right hardware, software and training to your team.

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