Smart city FAQ

Smart city FAQ

Harness the power of IoT devices and AI video analytics with Motherapp. Develop smart city solutions in Hong Kong (HK) like crowd management and more today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that uses internet of things (IoT) and other smart devices and sensors to collect, analyse data and make use of AI and machine learning to facilitate better decisions in managing the city. It helps to make changes to public services and urban infrastructure, whether it be transportation, waste management, energy, or other smart city initiatives.

What is the aim of a smart city?

The goal of a smart city is to improve the efficiency of various public services in a city. Whether it be better crowd management, traffic control routes or higher energy efficiency, smart cities using modern IoT technology and AI video analytics make the living experience better for everyone.

Is Hong Kong (HK) a smart city?

Hong Kong (HK) has dedicated noticeable amount of effort on becoming a smart city in the past few years. The Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint was released in 2017 and is a comprehensive move by the government to implement new technology in various public sectors. Development plans include making a greener, cleaner city through intelligent transport systems, a smart bicycle network and more.

How can Motherapp provide smart city solutions for Hong Kong (HK)?

At Motherapp, we help implement IoT devices to collect and analyse data . Our Ocean Park project is a great example, where we introduced webcams and AI to detect number of visitors and circumvent long queue times where human staff can hardly manage with traditional manual approach. Find out more.

What are the benefits of smart city solutions for Hong Kong (HK)?

Our smart city solutions in Hong Kong (HK) help civic administrators transform Hong Kong into a more efficient and greener city. Simple infrastructural changes like improving energy efficiency and littering detection can turn the city into a more pleasant place for all its residents, while improving traffic can make the roads or pavements far clearer while accommodating an increasing number of people.


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