Your Key to Customer Engagement and Marketing

Your Key to Customer Engagement and Marketing

How can an app help your business in marketing? More than you can think of!
E-Commerce has been more and more of an essential channel for businesses, an one-way application can no longer meet both businesses and their customers’ demands. As the world becomes accustomed to all sorts of mobile applications, the value of effective customer engagement, both in-app or off-app, can no longer be overlooked.

Aillia serves as a framework to fulfill and support a variety of needs from the industry, it aims to help clients in building steady bridges with their customers. Flexible and easy to integrate, Aillia has successfully become a medium for clients in maximizing customer engagement through the following models:

B2B2C Ecosystem

Interested in building a B2B2C platform? Aillia can help.

With customized functions available at businesses’ request, Aillia is able to build the perfect B2B2C platform catering to clients’ demands, features including but not limited to:

– Personalized promotion
– Points conversion
– Digital reward redemption
– Merchant engagement portal
– Big data analytics

Take Carbon Wallet for example, to encourage Hong Kongers to go green in their daily life, the company partners with multiple merchants to build an environmentally-friendly ecosystem. Once a customer goes green, they’d earn points toward redeeming green products, services and experiences from sustainable businesses and organizations with its application.

Market Channel

Without a doubt, social media has become parts of our daily life, and there’s no denying that each of us have at least one or even more messaging apps installed on our mobile devices.

Aillia can operate as a single cross-channel CRM platform for businesses to organize and optimize their marketing channels, either it be Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Line or WeChat, assisting them to strengthen their relationship with their customers. Through Aillia, businesses are able to launch marketing campaigns through selected channels and further engage with their customers. On the other hand, businesses can also view customers’ interaction datas from various channels to further analyze their conversion rates on Aillia. 


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