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We make learning fun, meaningful, and effective for everyone.

Creating effective educational apps requires keen insight into child behavior, teaching methods, and learning goals. We have the depth of experience, pedagogical understanding, and sound development methodology to make your app successful.

We're the top of our class.

As an internationally recognized pioneer in educational apps, we work with some of the finest educational companies on earth like Reader's Digest in the United States, Dorling Kindersley in the United Kingdom, Egmont in Denmark, and the BBC in London. And our presence at major international expos keeps us up to date on the latest education publishing trends. Let us put our extensive educational app development knowledge and experience to work for your next project.

We work with the pedagogy.

It's not enough to make an app fun and educational. We build our education apps around sound pedagogic methods so they achieve the desired learning objectives, while taking into account an optimal approach for learners of different ages and backgrounds. We've worked with university researchers to introduce the concept of Dialogic Reading in digital children's books, and developed a unique way to combine the digital and physical storytelling experience through a virtual reading companion.

We are always learning.

We know children and adults behave and think differently with mobile apps. That's why our design and development process involves focused, hands-on child testing to validate or alter our assumptions, and help us evolve the app design. This child friendly, user-centered design and development approach produces apps that are loved, used repeatedly, and good for young minds. And we even make sure our apps compliment traditional learning materials and incorporate teacher feedback.

We like to tell their stories.

British Council

British Council is a leading language learning organization in Hong Kong that produces educational videos through their LearnEnglish Kids brand. We helped them create a series of iPad story books based on their popular Phonics Stories learning series. Our focus during app development was to help children learn while having fun. We ensured that all the app features like animations, sounds, and games assisted – rather than hindered – learning. The successful app was featured by Apple during the 2013 Christmas Season, and became one of the top paying apps in the Kids category in several Asian countries.


A Leading Broadcasting Company in the UK

We worked with a leading broadcasting company in the UK on a multi-year, app development project involving teams in Hong Kong and London. We translated the company's project requirements into a single, clickable prototype to ensure everyone was on the same page. We also adopted an agile, incremental approach to building the system, which enabled us to respond quickly to unforeseen requirement changes. Finally, we worked with different stakeholders to deploy the project on-site, and ensure it worked great in a local environment.

Dorling Kindersley (DK)

Dorling Kindersley is a renowned educational publisher in the United Kingdom. We worked with DK from idea, to design, to development, to create iPad apps for their awarding winning Peekaboo! series. Our challenge was to recreate in digital form the pop-up feature found in the original, printed Peekaboo! books. We not only captured the pop-up experience in the digital app, but also enhanced the user experience by introducing fun play elements like drawing, hide and seek, and matching. The app was highlighted on the Apple App Store, and was featured in App Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids 2013 edition.


Jing Kung

Jing Kung Educational Press is a textbook and supplementary exercise publisher in Hong Kong. Their chemistry textbooks and exercises are very popular with Hong Kong high schools. After receiving many teacher requests for an online textbook platform, Jing Kung chose MotherApp as their digital solution provider because of our extensive knowledge and experience in educational apps. Our challenge was to develop an application simple enough for editors and teachers to use. We created a platform for editors where they can easily upload and organize all content in the Jing Kung textbooks. And we made the platform teacher friendly by including tools like highlighting, drawing shapes, and adding remarks or video links to each page to assist their classroom teaching.

Common Questions


Typically, our clients provide the education content and pedagogic approach, and we take it from there — idea formation, storyboarding, animation, sound effects, and software implementation.

We have educational experience in everything from digital children's books to full scale mobile learning systems for schools.

We help for-profit businesses and publishers, as well as educational institutions and non-profits at every education level.

Primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and China, but we also have significant clients across Europe.

We take the time to understand the underlying educational principles behind the app. This deeper understanding allows us to create apps that are not only fun, but educational and fulfilling.

Our Clients Say

"We love that they are continually innovating for themselves, and then share their improvements with us."

Tracy Dumais, Mobile Learning Consultant, British Council

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