Nimble, flexible and adaptable for better app development outcomes

Motherapp has consistently delivered successful enterprise level app projects with the agile development methodology. Agile methodology recognizes that a fluid approach is more effective for producing mobile software in a fast-changing world.

Mobile software applications are traditionally developed according to a rigid set of specifications. Software developers often it take nine to 12 months from specification development to software launch. Things relevant 12 months ago may then be irrelevant.

Fast app development responding to a fast changing world

Instead of developing mobile software through the long waterfall cycle, Motherapp, an experienced mobile app developer in Hong Kong applies agile development with a fast two-week release cycle.

Enterprise clients are able, and even encouraged, to change the outcome of the next cycle. Mobile app and software developed by our company iteratively and can be adapted in response to the changing realities of the market.

A mobile app company in Hong Kong provides transparent cost and pricing by truly understanding our client and market:

By having thorough discussion with stakeholders in our clients’ company and learning their needs, we are able to provide precise quotation and pricing without hidden cost.

We conduct survey within clients’ workforce or with the public to help our client clarify what requirements are important for a valuable app development.

This makes our quotation truly reflects what needed by our clients and the market. This also provides the best value for the money and cost effectiveness for our clients.

Proven technology, expertly applied

With over a decade of experience as an app design and app development company in Hong Kong, Motherapp software engineers are platform-neutral and choose the most appropriate tools for the job, our toolbox includes, but is not limited to:

Mobile app development including iOS Objective-C, Android development, Java, Swift and React-Native

Backend development including Django, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Web development including HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, React.js, TypeScript

Container technology: Docker, Docker Swarm

Source control: Git, Gitlab

Scrum development methodology

Data streaming/queuing: Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery

Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, RDS, ElastiCache

Mobile app development for different industries in Hong Kong: We develop enterprise app, retail app, manufacturing app, B2B app, B2C app, eCommerce app, internal app and mobile game app


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HKTDC – UX Design and Agile Development for HKTDC Mobile App
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HK Express – Agile Development for reward-U Customer Loyalty Platform
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