Transform customer data into customer action

Traditionally, customer data is studied by teams of analysts who produce reports and management insights. New technology enables a smarter approach. Now data can trigger direct action to engage your customers and streamline your business operations. To open valuable new opportunities, work with our data scientists and apply the results to Aillia Campaigns.

Track customer lifecycles in real time

A customer doesn’t visit your outlet and buy right away. They pass through a series of stages – from new prospect, to first time buyer, to active customer, to defecting, to inactive. Understanding the customer lifecycle, and how and why they move from one stage to another is the key to generating maximum value from your marketing.

Personalize customer engagement with AI

After you understand the stage of your customer, you can engage them and move them between stages. Browsers are persuaded to become buyers. Inactive customers are persuaded to buy again. By understanding what triggers buying decisions and what engages a customer, you can deliver the right content at the right time to drive purchase.

Predict revenue and product demand

Say good-bye to overstocking and subpar on-shelf availability. Our AI forecasts customer demand so you can prepare the right inventory in the right place at the right time. You get stable business growth and minimize fluctuation.Our prediction engine anticipates revenue trends and alerts you to possible upcoming falls.

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