Real-time customer data analytics builds the foundation for a realistic customer lifecycle journey

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and spoiled with thousands of options at their fingertips. Typical web analytic tools will no longer provide a full enough picture for a complete customer profile - leaving you with much guesswork in customer engagement process.

When you manage your touchpoints separately, it will only lead to inconsistencies and incomplete customer understanding, which can result in lost opportunities for a meaningful interaction. Hit all the right spots with your customers by developing a solid understanding of their thought process and behavioural patterns.

Customer Journey Analytics uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures to consolidate data across all touchpoints over a period of time, so as to uncover the specific behavioural patterns of each customer. This will grant you a 360 degree understanding of what works and what doesn’t, help you identify pain points in the customer journey, and plan for more relevant, personalised interactions for better customer engagement.

Optimise Marketing Budgets
With accurate and consolidated real-time customer data analytics, the insights you gain into your customers can help you to create more relevant content, and chart journeys that actually mean something to the end-user. Optimise your budgets by showing the right ads to the right users, at the right time on the correct platform.

Security and Compliance
It’s easier to secure one facility than many. A hub approach to data addresses privacy concerns, GDPR compliance and security. Take back total control of your data. With our Journey Analytics solution, you can account for a single management overview of all your touchpoints, and free yourself from the frustration of juggling multiple customer analytics data sets and conflicting dashboards.

Data-Driven Foundation
Integrated data streams and collective data sets lay the foundation for strong customer relationships through learned personalisation. Journey analytics clean, gather, store, and process data from various vendors, sources, and systems. This is for later use to accurately segment, target, and automate only the most user-relevant content. Build your customer engagement strategies on a solid foundation rather than blind guesswork.


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