Data is the foundation of a superior customer experience

Today customers engage with you on multiple digital channels and devices. They use email, mobile, web.... The result is you get a fragmented, incomplete, outdated data view of your customers. Integrated data streams let you build stronger customer relationships.

Motherapp’s Customer 360 data hub gathers, stores and processes data streams from different vendors, sources and systems. Incoming data is automatically cleaned at source. Best of all, Customer 360 lets you respond to customer behavior in real time.

Pinpoint customer acquisition investment

Blowing your marketing budget on the wrong customer is a waste of money. It also risks losing the right customer. A complete picture of your customer lets you attract them with more relevant messages and improves your marketing ROI.

Security and compliance

It’s easier to secure one facility than many. A hub approach to data addresses privacy concerns, GDPR compliance and security. There are many reasons to have total control of your data. With Customer 360 you can store the data in a way that best fits your needs.

We’ll help you get it together

Motherapp offers a complete toolbox for developing and deploying a Customer 360 data hub in your business. The full feature set includes:

  • A universal data layer with tag management to interface and control data from multiple sources
  • A unified view of the customer that’s relevant to real time events
  • Automated actions triggered according to flexible rules and assigned attributes

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