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What makes MotherApp stand out from other app companies?

We give you a solid understanding of today’s mobile environment. ▾

We know diving into mobile applications can be daunting for any company. That’s why for clients who are in the process of understanding how best to leverage mobile & online channels in their business, we provide a half day Opportunity Discovery Workshop. We'll survey the challenges you'll face developing a mobile-first strategy, and introduce a well tuned development methodology to help your business turn these challenges into opportunities.

our solutions

We take the pressure off you and put it on us. ▾

At MotherApp, we found some of Hong Kong's best and brightest and put them to work for you. Each client has a dedicated project manager who handles everything from initial planning through launch, to providing current results analytics and future market updates. Think of them as your secret weapon – helping you answer management's questions before they ask, or researching questions specific to mobile development in your industry – their sole purpose is to serve you. And they're backed up by a team of designers, developers, engineers and copywriters who are equally focused on making your application succeed.

Meet the Team

We are an open book – you'll know what's going on and why. ▾

We don't hide our app design and development process behind closed doors. You'll know what's going to happen in the process before it happens, and you will be integral part of that process all the way. We provide walk-throughs, prototypes, stakeholder sessions, mock-ups and much more so that you are constantly informed about what decisions to make and how best to make them. And we keep you in the loop on deadlines, schedules and requirement changes so that neither you nor your management are caught off guard.

Our Process

We want to solve your business problems. ▾

We help you define the "why" of app creation by figuring out "what" your target users truly need before tackling the "how" of app solutions, features and technologies. This approach includes a Mobile Opportunity Analysis to identify which apps to build, and an Opportunity Workshop to understand your business mission, value proposition, long-term objectives, short term goals, customers, operating configuration and existing constraints. We work hard to get the big picture so we can align your app development with best business opportunity.

Problem Analysis

We consider you a co-creator throughout the app design and development process. ▾

You will be a critical part of the design process, helping us define your user's demographics, values, desired outcomes and barriers to adoption. We'll work together to understand the app's context so we can determine the sweet spot between your user's needs and your business objectives. We'll be developing mockups and prototypes so you can guide the application's interaction, visuals and styling early and often. In short, you and your team won't be surprised by the final app because you will have helped create it.

Design & Development


We focus on creating an excellent user experience on mobile devices. ▾

To create a great user experience, we first need to understand you user. We start with a rigorous User Analysis followed by increasingly detailed prototype creation driven by user stories and design considerations. This iterative process enables you to experience the app firsthand before it is built. Not only does this prototype form the specification for engineering, it helps you communicate to the rest of your organization the app's design and capabilities.

Design & Development

We engineer and launch apps like we're putting a man on the moon. ▾

We use a professional engineering process that includes phased releases, rigorous automated and manual testing, a detailed test plan and weekly reporting to ensure that your app performs exactly like we designed it. And we don't stop there. We include user testing to make sure that our solution meets your end user's needs.

Software Engineering

We make marketing and evaluating your app a breeze. ▾

We'll assist you with Apple app store submission to minimize your chances of rejection and to create maximum app discoverability. We'll also work with your marketing team during the launch to maximize awareness within your company and with your end users. And we'll conduct advanced AARRR analysis to measure your app results and provide you the right info on how to improve it. Plus, our project manager will follow up with key market trend updates so you can stay in sync with the mobile environment.

App Launch Services

It’s all in our approach — top down, bottom up, inside out and everything in between. We see and do things differently — all for the purpose of producing a superior app that meets your needs.