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Bringing Loyalty to Mobile

Digital growth in Asia is amongst the highest in the world. Marketing agencies and managers alike have long caught onto the digital trend, contributing to a great depth of digital marketing strategies and materials in the online sphere. Yet, when we look at the loyalty portion of a marketing strategy, it is more often than not still trapped in the traditional headspace.

Perhaps it is the degree of importance assigned to this particular business tool or rather a lack thereof that has its unpopularity seen when formulating marketing strategies. Traditional techniques in loyalty simply do not work because of the constantly evolving demands of today's tech-savvy consumers.

Digital best practices in marketing ranks highly on the strategic agenda today and rightly so; but a targeted loyalty program can support these efforts by extending the effects and impression your customers have of your company by keeping them close- real close.

As for these consumers, it's part of human nature to want the simplest solutions and the same can be said when choosing brands and services. One that is the easiest to relate to, and receive solutions from. Thus, mobile forms of services are increasingly sought-after, not only because it is convenient and instant, but also because it solves many pain points of traditional services.

Drafting up a well-planned mobile loyalty program may take some extra effort, but it certainly isn't rocket science. The good news - MotherApp has already done the work for you with our customisable loyalty platform. In the form of a mobile app, designed to be UX friendly, this loyalty product bypasses the pain points of offline or web touch-points.

The goal of any loyalty subscription is to create experiences and/or benefits that actually matter to each individual consumer/member. One that keeps them informed, engaged, appreciated and singled-out. With mobile apps, there's so much more that you can do with the features and customisable elements that draws the engagement. Targeted push notifications, AI recommendation engines, personalised messages and product suggestions etc.

With our UX expertise and solution-ready loyalty product, retaining your consumers and personalising this loyalty journey is not hard at all to achieve. Discounts are one thing, freebies are another, but the experience they go through with your brand stays long after a discounted purchase or redemption. By moving your rewards program to mobile, the opportunities for engagement and retention is exponential.

Personalisation or presence doesn't necessarily mean contact and communication with a person per se. If the journey and subsequent touch-points along that journey that you have mapped out is predictive and pre-emptive enough, they will not crave that physical assurance. All you need to do is be consistent, reliable, and be PRESENT- this creates the confidence they need in your brand and is what ultimately drives loyalty.

Innovate your business product or services with our launch-ready Loyalty App platform, helping you to save on much time, effort and cost of development. Start reaping the benefits and get business result fast. Not to worry- our loyalty solution will guide you every step of the way.

Are you reading this on your mobile now? Well there you go.

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