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Vice President of User Experience. She loves traveling the globe and enjoys reading Peter Drucker on a warm sunny beach.

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An Executive's Guide to Employee Engagement

Learn about the changes that are happening the current organisation and leadership landscape.  We will look into how enterprise mobile solution could be applied to maximise employee satisfaction and contribution.

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How to leverage apps in service innovation?

Many of the smart companies from the service industry are already employing apps to create value for their customers and their business.

Interested in getting a head start in applying mobile strategy in your service business?  Here are a few principles to give you the competitive edge in service innovations.

(1) Make it easy for customers to do business with you
Well-designed apps facilitate loyal customers creation.

MotherApp’s development of Bank of China Group Insurance’s app (iOS & Android) made it easy for customers to ...

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The Five Principles for Creating Top Apps

Earlier this year, I was invited by the Hong Kong Productivity Council to give a talk on the subject of the latest mobile development and app creation trends. During the talk, I shared about "What defines a Top App?", and "What makes a Top App?".

While there is no simple formula in creating a top app, I have attempted to boil down what we have learned over the years in creating apps for clients as well as for ourselves, into five principles which you and your team can follow in order to increase your chances of designing and creating a ...

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